Vol. 8 No. 31 - April 23, 2008


Pepka rolls at shoes

Twenty-six hopefuls took turns drawing colored chips from an old coffee can to determine partner pairings at the April 12 horseshoe contests behind Anna Maria City Hall. After the three game pool play qualifying round, five teams advanced to face off in the morning’s playoffs.

Drawing the "bye" for the quarter-finals, Jennifer Rhodes and John Crawford watched as Norm Good and Art Kingstad defeated John Johnson and Karl Thomas 25-10, while on the adjacent pits, Ron Pepka and Hank Huyghe were delivering a 23-14 loss to Tom Skoloda and Herb Puryear.

Pepka and Huyghe sent Crawford and Rhodes back to the sidelines with a 24-5 thumping, and then went on to win 23-17 in their sixth game to grab bragging rights for the day.

Sixteen players turned out for the mid-week games the following Wednesday, and in a two-team finale, Pepka, paired with Adin Shank, defeated Crawford and Rod Bussey 23-19 in one of the longest lasting championship matches in quite a while.

If you’ve ever said, "Someday, I’m gonna go check these games out," now’s the time because winter shoers are returning to their summer homes and players always extend a warm welcome newcomers.

Play gets underway every Wednesday and Saturday, in the little park behind Anna Maria City Hall at the corner of Gulf Drive and Pine Avenue. Warm-ups begin at 8:45 a.m, followed by team match-ups just prior to play at 9. Plenty of free parking is available and all skill levels are welcome.

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