Vol. 8 No. 27 - March 26, 2008


Rain and FCATs stop baseball action

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

West Coast Surf Shop coaches Mike Brusso and Bob Vita
give their Minors Division team a pep talk during a recent game
at the Community Center.

With basketball season just a memory, it is time to give our full attention to a baseball program at AMICC that has enjoyed years of success. The Majors and the Minors are in full swing, playing their games between GT Bray and the Anna Maria Island Community Center. Coaches are ready and are priming their young hopefuls as AA and T-Ball get under way after spring break. So it’s full steam ahead! Or so you would think, right?

Last Thursday’s game was cancelled due to a waterlogged field and the rain gods played catch-up Saturday in a relentless effort to soak us through to the bone, leaving us with a day best suited to leftovers.

West Coast Surf Shop did play Tuesday and I managed to speak with Coach Robert Vita who was more than a little pleased with the teams’ effort. West Coast was down to Pinnacle Medical by a considerable margin going into the fourth inning. It had enjoyed some solid pitching by way of Mikey Ellsworth and Blaine Jenefsky, but, in the fourth, it was time to take the game to Pinnacle. Devon Cole was again showing his worth with two hits, two hits from Blaine Jenefsky rounded out another solid game for him and an impressive Neil Carper hit a triple. Sliding over home plate this time around were Alissa Bosh Nyberg, Jack “Iron Man” Coleman, Ben Ware, Amanda Bosh Nyberg and James Teluchi. It was the umpire who called the game at the cut off time of 9 p.m. knowing full well that all players had FCAT’s the following day, but it left West Coast wondering what would have happened if the game had been allowed to continue. Coach Vita is pleased with the effort and tells me the team has come on leaps and bounds since the start of the season. He sees the kids that are beginning to shine and picked out Jacob Barker as one team player that really seems to be enjoying himself out there.

This is the first time in a number of years that Anna Maria Little League has faced town opposition and everyone is up for the challenge. Bring it!

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