Vol. 8 No. 26 - March 19, 2008


Kern Construction offers local experience

Anna Maria Island Sun News Story

Jim Moss, Jerry Kern and Mike Kern, of Kern Construction,
have years of local experience working in an island environment.

When Jerry and Mike Kern and Jim Moss were attending Anna Maria Elementary School and exploring the treasures of Anna Maria Island, they had no idea how much the Island would grow and how much they would be a part of that growth. All these years later their friendship is still strong and the business they are partners in is equally as strong.

Jerry and Mike Kern are second generation master carpenters on the Island. Their father owned a lumber yard on the Island and also started Kern Construction. It’s hard to miss the Kern brothers – Mike Kern at 6 foot 11 inches attended the University of Vermont on a basketball scholarship and his shorter by five inches brother Jerry also played basketball at Manatee High School.

After finishing college they returned to Anna Maria, and in 1983, the brothers took over Kern Construction. In 1994 their childhood friend Jim Moss joined them, bringing his masters degree and business management skills to the growing business, freeing up the Kerns to do what they do best, build and remodel homes.

What Kern Construction offers to its Island customers is years of experience working in an island environment. They know what works best and what lasts when you’re surrounded by water and subject to ongoing salt and corrosion. They grew up in the business and 99 percent of their work is still on Anna Maria Island.

They are especially proud of their 12 long-term employees, five of whom have more than 20 years experience, and note that the only work not handled by them or their staff is plumbing and electrical. Their entire staff is as skilled as both Kern brothers, who are always on the job and handle much of the carpentry themselves. In addition, they use all local architects and engineers on their projects.

In 1992, after Hurricane Andrew destroyed a good portion of Florida’s east coast, Jerry and Mike Kern went over to observe the rebuilding and learn construction methods that would mitigate hurricane damage. Ever since then, they have beefed up their construction methods and have been building above code for 14 years. When they build a house or remodel a property, they stake their reputation on their work and build to last. About half of their business is new homes; the other half is remodels, and they are currently building two new homes on the Island in addition to ongoing remodels.

The local boys who were once Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts together are now building some of the most beautiful coastal homes on Anna Maria. The best part about family and good friends is the integrity and dependability you can always count on – not a bad quality in a contractor either.

Kern Construction, Inc.
Custom homes and remodeling
State Certified CRC 1327296

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