Battle for first continues in two divisions
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Duncan in action against Ross Built clinched the Division III regular season title in this game.

With one week left before the playoffs, two teams know they are cemented at the top of their respective divisions and are crowned champions of the regular season. In Division III it is Coach Kane and Duncan Real Estate with Coach Vic Mattay taking first place with his team, Dips Ice Cream, in Division II. In Division I, it is between AMI Sun and Island Lumber, and with both teams facing each other on March 6, this is definitely going to the wire. In the Premier Division, according to my calculations, there is still a battle between West Coast Air and Island Real Estate, so no slam-dunk quite yet.

Feb. 27
Division III
Duncan Real Estate 17 - Ross Built 10
This was the deal that secured the division title for Duncan Real Estate. Ross Built is a strong unit and played hard here. It just wasn’t enough to stop a Duncan side that would remain unbeaten after this encounter. Madison Gsell put in a solid performance for Ross with six points, Chris Adkins and Andrew Ross both scored two. Contained in the early and late stages of the game, Duncan's Chase Lewis was rampant once again and his nine points, plus Lauren Sapienza’s six and Mikayla Kane’s two go the job done.

Premier League
West Coast Air 81 - Rotten Ralphs 29
Rotten Ralphs posted a decent score in this game and was without three key players. It came up against a team and two individuals in particular that were on fire. West Coast Air, with respectable efforts from Whitney Bauer, Chandler Hardy, Michael Kirby and Kyle Parsons, who all posted points, finished the job by way of Forrest Schield on 25 and Matt Bauer, making moves even J-Smoove would be proud of, as he went on to score a massive 38 points. West Coast is not clear at the top of the division, but, with an effort like this, it has to be confident it can get it done.

Feb. 28
Division III
Beach Bistro 10 - Duncan Real Estate 5
Duncan Real Estate knew that it was crowned the champion of the division, and remained unbeaten, going in to this game against a Beach Bistro side that looked like it wanted to spoil the party. And spoil it they did. Beach Bistro completely shut out Duncan in the second half and made the division champions look a little ordinary. Chase Lewis, prevalent all season for Duncan, was restricted to three points and Lauren Sapienza scored two. In reply it was a spirited display from a Beach Bistro side that was only one point ahead at half time but managed to score the winning points in the fourth quarter from Adam Clark. Seth Walters and Michael Latimer were on the board early for Beach Bistro.

Division II
Dips Ice Cream 27 - Kumon 19
Dips is champion but has had to endure the attention of a Kumon side that fancied itself to be on top from day one. Never a dull moment in these match ups, both coaches have to be pleased with the effort. Anna Maria Galati top scored for Kumon with six, four each from Neil Carper and Logan Reiber, Chris Galati, Denver Hardy and Kieran Grumley made up the rest of the points. Dips Johnny Mattay, completely recovered from a wrist injury that interrupted his season, spread the ball around, as he’s apt to do, and posted six points. Daniel Schroaeder had his eye on the basket and top scored with 11 as Brennan Gallagher, Blaine Jenefsky and Henry Burnett all contributed in this win.

Division I
Island Lumber 34 - A Paradise Realty 21
Island Lumber got it done early here and had to as A Paradise outscored it by one point in the second half. A Paradise Realty will be ruing missed chances as it only managed four points against Island Lumber’s 18 before halftime. Staying on track in a tight division Island Lumber relied heavily on Chris Pate who scored 14. A solid eight from Becca Butler and six each for Joey Garbus and Zach Guerin keep Island Lumber in the hunt for The Sun in Division I. Trevor Bystrom was strong for A Paradise and offered 15 points, Max Miller and Jack Titsworth were both on the score sheet.

Feb. 29
Division III
Coastal Orthopedic 12 - LPAC 8
Tyler Yavalar has had a good season for Coastal and his eight points against a lively LPAC gave his team the advantage here with Alexia Yavalar and Mikey Ellsworth both helping out in the points department. Coach Salinas has brought the team far over the course of the season; it certainly is a different Coastal from the one we saw in the early games. LPAC had points on the board from Lucas Winstead, Matt Stark and Cooper Hardy. Coach Stark, who’s coaching for the first time at AMICC, will be proud of his players who played as a unit throughout and were always in the game.

Division II
Kumon 26 - Jessie’s Island Store 8
Jake Parsons, Joey Salinas and Caitlyn Stark put the points in and it was another determined outing for LPAC against a penurious Kumon side that outscored its opponents by 18. Anna Maria Galati was again the top scorer for Kumon with 10 points; six each for Neil Carper and Chris Galati and Logan Reiber was on target with two points.

Premier League
Island Real Estate 55 - Connect Cycles 37
Island Real needed to win this one to stay in contention. Coach Bekkerus was confident, but the strain was apparent, as both teams seemed evenly matched at the half. The third quarter proved little, only that Island Real Estate was the slightly stronger side, but it was all over for Connect in the fourth as it was outscored by 10 points late in the game. Notable for Connect was Kyle Aritt on 25 and for Island Real Estate, it was 25 from Jamison Urch, Christina Natali offered 13 and 10 points came from Amanda Burnett. League leaders West Coast Air meet Island Real Estate on March 7th and it is definitely one to watch.

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