Vol 8 No. 11 - December 5, 2007

Commission approves mini golf course

By Tom Vaught
sun staff writer

BRADENTON BEACH – Despite some questions over noise and whether it would be appropriate, city commissioners gave their approval for the owners of Bridge Street Bazaar to build and operate an 18-hole mini golf course on two lots next to their shop.

The city’s planning and zoning board approved the project two weeks earlier after owners agreed to surround the back lot with an eight-foot fence to satisfy two adjacent landowners who were concerned about noise. During the city commission hearing, Mayor Mike Pierce also had reservations.

"What kind of controls will you have for teenagers and younger kids?" he asked "Will you have an age limit where parents or adults will be required if they are under that age?"

"We like rules," owner Debbie Sniadach said. "We don’t tolerate noise in the store. We like to have fun, but we have to have limits. We haven’t set an age limit yet, but we will."

Pierce also asked if they were going to play background music and how loud would it be.

"We try to keep that pretty low," Sniadach said. "We find that if you play it loud, the crowd gets loud to talk over it."

Commissioner John Shaughnessy asked if they had test marketed the idea and was concerned about the type of business it would be.

"I saw a couple of e-mails to the city from people who were concerned about it bringing a carnival atmosphere to Bridge Street," he said. "Is this the correct place for a mini golf course?"

"Growing up here, I found there isn’t much for young people to do when the sun goes down," Jake Spooner, manager of Bridge Street Bazaar said. "Instead of putting a mini golf course in some out of the way, horrible place, we think it will look nice here. It will look nice and it will be a fun place for families."

Spooner said after the meeting that they would apply for permits and start construction as soon as they can after the holidays.

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