Vol 8 No. 7 - November 7, 2007

The Sea Hagg: 10 years and going strong

AMISUN Business Story
Jan Holman sits with a swashbuckling pirate at the Sea Hagg.

By Louise Bolger
sun staff writer

If 100 years is old in human years, and 15 is old in dog years, how old is old in Sea Hagg years? Jan Holman the owner of The Sea Hagg on Cortez Road isn’t really sure, but what she is sure of is that her Sea Hagg is still going strong after 10 years.

And Holman isn’t the only one who thinks so. Fox TV Channel 13’s Bill Murphy will be at The Sea Hagg on Nov. 7 for a fifth time to do a feature on what has become a Cortez landmark. Murphy, the author of "One Tank Trips" considers The Sea Hagg one of his favorite places in Florida.

It’s also a favorite of The Sun’s readers winning best Landscape & Garden in our Reader’s Choice contest. In addition, The Sea Hagg was a finalist for Manatee County’s Business Of The Year award, as well as being a finalist in the National Niche Marketing competition for unique businesses.

Year after year The Sea Hagg doesn’t disappoint its customers. Jan Holman has a keen eye and knows exactly what’s right for her eclectic shop. The award-winning front yard is now home to a sexy mermaid and swashbuckling pirate with an opening for your face, providing a great photo op. In fact, both outside and inside are mermaids, pirates and accompanying paraphernalia. One of the newly acquired buccaneers guards the front entry and one inside lights up, moves and is what you might call slightly boney.

Holman continues to carry original art work from local artists who work with metals, wood and canvas. The copper and brass bearded sailor near the front of the shop is so stunning and imaginative it could make your heart stop.

The Salvage Garden is still heaven on earth for those who can see the beauty and potential in just about anything with a nautical flavor. And the Cortez Trading Company across the street is the place to go for shells, painted furniture, driftwood and the occasional clawfoot tub.

Jan Holman is starting a new decade of business with practically a whole new staff. Dolly Gianni, Pat Musser, Sue Gullman and Dennis Myres help Holman keep all the mermaids, fish, and collectibles in their place and protect you from the menacing pirates. They’ll also help with the 10 year anniversary celebration featuring refreshments and attractive sales. For four days starting November 7th through the 10th, there will be a $50 gift certificate drawing each day, a great way to start off the holiday season, and celebrate a local landmark.

After 10 years in business The Sea Hagg has become the definitive darling for anyone interested in the nautical. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at The Sea Hagg, coastal living is probably not for you.

Jan Holman and her staff plan on keeping The Sea Hagg moving swiftly along her rum line, she may be 10 years old but an "old hagg" she is not!

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