Vol 8 No. 6 - October 31, 2007

Parade, festival avoid the rain

AMISUN Feature Story
Sibella Glavan’s whoopie cushion outfit was among the most unsual.

By Tom Vaught
sun staff writer

HOLMES BEACH – It was a close call Saturday morning as kids, parents, school staff and vendors kept their eyes on the sky hoping the rain that began shortly after dawn would let up. When it did, the kids started assembling at Holmes Beach City Hall for their parade to the school and it began on time, after judges looked everyone over and determined the best costumed boy and girl in each class. Former student Erik Stahr, who recently got a heart transplant, was the parade marshal and rode in an electric cart at the head of the procession.

Wave after wave of monsters, ballerinas, axe murderers, skeletons, Ariels, vampires and even a walking whoopie cushion took to the streets. Each class had its own banner with students marching behind it. It was a haunting scene.

After they arrived at the school, they assembled under the covered area at the playground so that winning costumes could be announced. After that, it was off to the games, food and fun of the PTO’s annual Fall Fest.

There was something new this year. Grownups could order Starbucks coffee at a coffeehouse set up in the hallway off the school’s foyer.

The kiss a pig contest was cancelled after they failed to find a swine to kiss. Bob Vesely was invited to bring his skunk, which he did, and Principal Tom Levengood gave it a smooch, although not within range of The Sun’s photographer.

The food was good and the bake sale items were a hit. You could order Sandbar restaurant hot dogs or burgers for lunch and there were quite a few ghouls enjoying a bite around noontime.

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