Vol 8 No. 3 - October 10, 2007

Another inn may go condo

Business Story
The Sandpiper Inn on North Bay Boulevard in Anna Maria will be converted to residential condos, according to a letter from attorney Robert W. Hendrickson to the city.

By Loiuse Bolger
sun staff writer

ANNA MARIA — The next motel to go condo may be Sandpiper Inn, LLC at 516 North Bay Blvd. and 602 North Shore Drive.

Attorney Robert W. Hendrickson, who represents the owner of Sandpiper, sent a letter to the city last week about the proposed conversion of the motel.

"Our client proposes to create a residential condominium on the property by converting existing, previously occupied improvements to condominium ownership," Hendrickson’s letter to Anna Maria Mayor Fran Barford stated.

The attorney seeks a letter acknowledging that the city has been notified of the intent to create a condominium on the property.

Condos and multi-family dwellings are specifically prohibited under the city’s comprehensive plan. However, several properties that were formerly used as motels have been converted to "vacation condos."

Hendrickson doesn’t state whether his client intends to convert his property to traditional condominium ownership or to continue to use it as a motel with each unit under different ownership.

In the fall of 2005, Anna Maria Beach Cottages and Siam Garden Resorts made the conversion. At that time, City Commissioner Dale Woodland had questions about the legality of the conversions. City Attorney Jim Dye said that condominiums are simply a form of ownership, and as long as the use of the property doesn’t change, there is no legal issue.

Barford responded to Hendrickson’s letter and said that she has forwarded it on to city commissioners and city staff.

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