Vol 7 No. 49 - August 29, 2007

Tourney raises more than $10,000
Anna Maria Island Sun News Story
Kay Kay Hardy gets a high five from her husband, Dan, after throwing a strike in the O’Connor Bowling Challenge Saturday night.

By Tom Vaught
sun staff writer

ANNA MARIA – Officials of the Anna Maria Island Community Center were smiling Monday after counting up the proceeds from the 17th Annual O’Connor Bowling Challenge at AMF Bowling Lanes Saturday night. This year’s event, with more than 300 bowlers, raised more than $10,000 for the Center.

It was unusual to see so many Island regulars on the mainland at one time, but they once again successfully met the challenge of trying to party in an unfamiliar setting.

The lanes filled quickly and the bowling alley this year called in extra staff to make sure bowlers and their supporters did not go thirsty. When it was over, bowlers and friends moved to the Anna Maria Oyster Bar to celebrate the highs and lows (scores) of their endeavors.

For the women, Mikie Pletcher had the high series with 548, Ritchey Taylor’s 214 was the high game and Jodene Moneuse earned the low score with 29.

Renowned Anna Maria Island Privateer Big John Swager, of barbecue fame, had the men’s high series with 597, Donn Casswell took the high game trophy with 228 and Andrew Powers had the low game with a 49.

The Oyster Bar was overflowing when the last bowlers arrived. Thankfully, the restaurant set up refreshment service in front for those who preferred the cool night air. Inside, the O’Connor brothers, their wives and Community Center Assistant Executive Director Scott Dell began the process of drawing raffle tickets and distributing prizes. The winner of the big-ticket prize, a big-screen television, was not present, but Dell said they would notify Damir Glavan of his win as soon as possible.



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