Vol 7 No. 46 - August 8, 2007

J.E. Murray: From roof retrofits to remodeling

Anna Marai Island Sun Business Photo
Jeff Murray outside his home office in Anna Maria.

By Louise Bolger
Investment Corner

When’s the last time you thought about the quality of the tie-downs holding your roof in place, or if you even have tie-downs? Well, Jeff Murray thinks about it practically every day and has since 2004, when he was a witness to the destruction left in Hurricane Charley’s wake.

Jeff Murray has been a builder almost exclusively on Anna Maria Island for 29 years. Like many of us his level of confidence in Florida’s building codes was less than enthusiastic. That all changed when he went to Punta Gorda to assist family members the day after Charley blew in. It didn’t take long for him to see the newer homes built to the latest Florida codes suffered considerably less roof damage. Homes with roofs constructed using state of the art tie-downs and straps stood up to Charley’s devastating winds keeping these homes in a livable condition.

Since then, Murray has been spreading the word that roof retrofits are one of the most important upgrades for residential homes, condominiums and commercial buildings. Cost is based on the original design of the house, size and age but is more affordable than you may think. In addition to assisting homeowners with roof tie-down installations, Murray is also qualified to purchase and install impact resistant windows to further secure homes during hurricane season.

If you’re ready for hurricanes but not your next dinner party, Jeff Murray can help with any type of home remodeling big or small including removing roof trusses to achieve higher interior ceilings. Recently he has seen a shift in the quality of renovations requested by his clients from the traditional island beachy appearance to a more finished high end look. Murray also custom builds homes on the Island for clients, and he generally builds one house each year on speculation, which he then sells.

Jeff Murray feels it’s a great time to remodel either your primary home or investment property, since labor costs are coming down and building materials have stabilized from a few years ago. In addition, because he has had a long term relationship with most of his suppliers, he can be very competitive with his estimates. He holds a Florida license to work on both residential and commercial properties, and his work is certified by a licensed Florida engineer and inspected.

It’s always nice doing business with local reputable contractors. Jeff Murray and his wife, Jeanie, are Anna Maria city residents. Jeanie Murray is an accomplished ceramic artist, who also helps out in the business.

If you want to improve your home’s hurricane defense system or just improve your home’s appearance, talk to Jeff Murray. He’ll be the first to tell you that Florida hurricane codes really do work. Let him work with you to help keep your family safe.

J.E. Murray

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