Vol 7 No. 36 - May 30, 2007

Restore body’s balance with acupuncture

Tricia Graziano, a board-certified acupuncture physician and nutritionaist, offers her services on the Island.

By Louise Bolger
sun staff writer

Tricia Graziano isn’t just a board-certified acupuncture physician, she is also an acupuncture patient. In fact, successful acupuncture treatment for a chronic stomach disorder is what got her interested in becoming an acupuncture physician. Always interested in health and the human body, she received her BS in health sciences and nutrition, and moving on to oriental medicine was a natural extension.

After relocating to Florida from Long Island, N. Y., Graziano attended the East West College of Natural Medicine, receiving a MS in oriental medicine, at the conclusion of a five-year program. In addition, she is board certified by the National Certification Commissioner of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and licensed by the state of Florida.

Acupuncture therapy originated in China over 3,000 years ago, and is based on the theory that all living beings have a vital energy called "qi" that circulates through the 12 invisible energy lines in the body known as meridians. Since each meridian is associated with a different organ system, an imbalance in the flow of qi allows for the potential of disease. The fine sterile needles used by acupuncture physicians along the meridian lines restores balance to the flow of qi, encouraging the body to promote natural healing and function.

You don’t have to believe in qi and meridians to gain the benefits of acupuncture. Modern research and Western science have proven an increase in circulation, decrease in inflammation, relief from muscle spasms, release of pain-killing bio-chemicals, and an increase in stimulation to the immune system through acupuncture.

Graziano does a personal analysis of her patient’s body before treatment by asking questions about his/her health, habits and lifestyle. She says that acupuncture physicians typically take more time with their patients than most traditional medical doctors in order to develop an individual plan of treatment. The length of treatment varies, but is usually once a week between four and 12 treatments.

Since Tricia Graziano is also a trained nutritionist, she offers nutritional consultations to help develop weight loss programs to control disease and improve general health. Complimentary consultations are also offered for individuals considering acupuncture as a potential course of treatment.

If arthritis and knee pain are killing your tennis game and the anxiety and stress of modern life are raising your blood pressure, Acupuncture On The Island can painlessly open up your energy lines and get you back in control. Just ask Tricia Graziano, she’s her own best endorsement.

Acupuncture On The Island
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3612 East Bay Drive, Holmes Beach
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