Vol 7 No. 31 - April 25, 2007

Bring yourself into balance at Acqua

Acqua Aveda Spa
Left to right, front row, Acqua owner Amy Welch and staff members Teal O�Fee and Ashley Chamberlain and, left to right, back row, Nikita Fosmore, Cynthia Cardone, Ashley Lutz, Nikki Miller, Jamie Spencer, Laura Clements, Teige O�Fee and Jennifer Harvey are waiting to cater to your every need.

By Pat Copeland
sun staff writer

Although the name recently changed, the mission at Acqua/Aveda salon is still the same - to bring your body into balance while being environmentally responsible.

"Aveda is based on Ayuravdeic principles," owner Amy Welch explained. "Each body has a certain makeup and it�s about bringing you back to balance with yourself and nature.

"It�s about beauty, but it�s also about being environmentally responsible and caring for your body. We�re a wellness facility."

The salon, which features Aveda products, embraces Aveda�s environmental mission by offering only products made with sustainable resources and shunning the use of petrochemicals. Services include hair, skin, nails, massage and body treatments.

Hair services range from haircuts and color to detoxification and deep conditioning. Plant wax hair removal includes facial, arm and leg and bikini.

You can pamper your skin with a facial, a head-to-toe body experience, resurfacing, acne relief or a back treatment. Makeup applications and lessons are also available.

"We do natural nails � manicures, pedicures and acrylics," Welch pointed out. "We use Zoya nail polish, which is not made by Aveda, but is in alignment with their mission statement.�

Massages come in a wide variety of choices: elemental nature massages from 30 to 90 minutes, chair massages for the neck and shoulders, pre-natal massages, sports massages and hot stone massages.

�It�s about communicating with your therapist; whatever you need," Welch said.

There are four body treatments to choose from including the rosemary mint body wrap, the Caribbean seaweed treatment, the sunglow treatment and the herbal detoxification body treatment, which Welch said is the most popular.

In addition to catering to the needs of individual customers, the salon welcomes wedding parties.

"We do huge weddings; sometimes three days of the same wedding party," Welch said. "We set up tables and bring in food and champagne. We love them."

The store participates in the Aveda awards program. Customers who join the program get a welcome gift and earn reward points for purchase. The reward points can be used towards products and services.

Raffle tickets to win a day of beauty are currently available for $5 each at the store. The drawing will be held May 1, and the winner will receive a manicure, a pedicure, a perfume steam, an elemental nature facial, a 30-minute massage and a shampoo and style valued at $280.

All proceeds will benefit the Gulf Restoration Network, which protects and promotes the healthy waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

"Our goal is to raise $1,500," Welch said. "We do something like this every year. Last year we raised money for victims of Hurricane Katrina."

Welch�s 17 staff members are waiting to cater to your every need and make you beautiful inside and out.

"When someone says you look beautiful, you feel wonderful and it changes your attitude and how you feel about yourself and how you treat others," Welch noted.

Acqua Salon Store Aveda on the Beach
5311 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach
(941) 778-5400
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Tuesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday, closed.

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