Vol 7 No. 23 - Februaury 28, 2007

Pedestrian hit after exiting trolley

Crowds dined al fresco at the Star Fish Co. overlooking the Cortez docks.

By Laurie Krosney
sun staff writer

HOLMES BEACH — A Holmes Beach man was struck by a van Sunday after he got off the trolley and tried to cross the street.

Evan Zappola, 22, got off the trolley at 68th Street and Palm Avenue, according to Holmes Beach Police Lt. Dale Stephenson. Zappola reportedly walked around the front of the trolley and began to cross the street.

"Apparently, he didn’t look both ways and was hit by a van attempting to pass the trolley," Stephenson said.

The driver of the van was Howard Stewart, 68, of Holmes Beach.

Zappola was taken by helicopter to the Bayfront Medical Center. County Commissioner Carol Whitmore, who was on the scene of the accident, said Monday that Zappola's mother called her Sunday night.

"She thanked me and told me that Evan has a broken leg and a liver injury," Whitmore said. "She said he is doing OK, but will need surgery."

No charges were filed in the accident.

Stephenson cautioned drivers and pedestrians about trolley safety.

"People do not have to stop for the trolley like they do a school bus, but it is extremely dangerous to pass it because our blocks are so short, and when you have a trolley and stops, you have pedestrians. At some of the stops, you have a double yellow line, which means no passing, and if a driver pulls around the trolley to pass it and crosses the double line, they're in violation.”

As for passengers who leave the trolley and want to cross the street, Stephenson advised, "Never walk in front of the trolley. Wait until it passes so you have a better view of the street and then cross. If you are near a crosswalk, proceed to the crosswalk to cross.”

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