Vol 7 No. 8 - November 15, 2006

Kids, coaches have a blast at soccer fest

Jordan Sebastiano, of ReMax, lines up a breakaway shot.

By Elyn Hart
sun correspondent

The first ever Veteran’s Day Soccer Tournament was a huge success this weekend for AMICC players and families who indulged in burgers, sodas and, most of all, soccer. Tebbetts field hosted 25-minute games Saturday in a knock-out competition. The favorites to win were the division leaders and they didn’t disappoint.

ReMax scooped a 2-1 victory out of a hard-fought Danziger Destroyers squad. Goals came from Jordan Sebastiano while DD’s Tommy Price and Ally Titsworth fought back with Titsworth getting just a one goal reply.

The Island Sun carved a 4-1 win over Island Real Estate, but had to contend with intense first half play from Chris Pate, Trevor Albers and Julian Botero, which held The Sun to one goal in the first half. IRE’s Daniel Pimentel found a hole to put one goal against the Sun team. Sun’s defensive backbone was led by Adam Hart with Arianna Collins, Henry Bernet, Olivia Roemer and Claudia Hines keeping the ball in The Sun’s half. Connor Field deftly placed the first-half goal, followed by two skillful mid-field rockets in the second half from Joel Hart and a final fourth pounce from Josh Schmidt.

Division III’s final captured the tournament moment as a 0-0 tie between leaders Autoway Ford and Ooh La La resulted in a double penalty shoot-out. Nail-biting Ooh La La players watched goalie Josh Zawistoski defend with the only goal scored against him by Division MVP Robbie Officer in a cleverly placed mid-left corner. OLL’s McKalay Kane and Josey Presswood replied with a goal each that snuck past keeper Anthony Cucci. Now it was his turn to equalize or concede a victory, Cucci fired but missed and Ooh La La had a sweet tournament victory and gave Autoway Ford its only loss in the season.

Instructional League coaches selected players to represent their teams for The Six & Seven Year Old game ending in a 2-0 victory to the Blue team. Getting a goal apiece was Tyler Yavalar and Jack Heckler. Blue team was coached by Rich Bell and represented by Merlin Ellis, Tyler Yavalar, Kayla Thiel, George Lardas, Brianna Connelly, Angelique Abode, Hunter Hathaway and Jack Heckler.

Red Team was coached by Larry Pearson and represented by: Riley Singer, James Cucci, Atti Dettoli, Joey Altochoff , Bruce Oliver, Tyler Pearson, Nick Bowling, Jack Coleman and Gavin Sentman.

The Seven Up Game was a 1-0 win to the Red Team with a lone goal by Tyler Yavalar. Blue team played hard with no substitutes.

Red Team players were: Alex Siegal, Jake Ross, Andrew Ross, Alexandra Howe, Seth Walter, Jack Heckler, Anthony Cucci, Luke Valadie, Hunter Hathaway and Tyler Yavalar.

Blue Team was represented by Bruce Oliver, Kayla Thiel, George Lardas, Brianna Connelly, Angelique Ayode, Rob Tallucci.

If you wore red on Sunday in the All Star games for Divisions I, II, III you were a winner with all titles won by the mighty Red Teams. Division I’s hat trick came from Martine Miller along with one from Carlos Rios. Tommy Price replied from the Blues with two goals. Division II had stylish goals from Max Moneuse and Connor Field. Their goalie Lee Bergeron excelled in saving many attempts by the Blues, but the only one to get in was from well executed team passing and placement by Daniel Pimentel. Division III ended in 1-0 win from a corner goal put in by Neil Carper. Blues drove the ball in many attempts by Josh Zawistoski, Alderfer and Purnell but conceded the loss.

The annual Coaches Game showed great ball techniques and speed with a 3-1 win to the Blue Team.

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