Vol 7 No. 1 - September 27, 2006

Mr. Bones nets season-opening win

West Coast Air takes a shot at the Sparks’ goal.

By Elyn Hart
sun correspondent

Mr. Bones started off the new soccer season in a good way with a convincing 3-0 win over Mike Norman Realty in Division III action Wednesday evening. MNR began the game with a strong effort, dominating the first five minutes by keeping the ball in the Bones’ penalty area. There was good action by striker Morgan Greig, who swiftly moved the ball down right field and but missed an attempt against Bones’ goalie Kieran Grumley.

Bones' offense snapped back and drove the ball back to the Mike Norman penalty box to pester their defenders for the rest of the half.

In the 12th minute a second go-for-goal blast by Bones’ striker Blaine Jenefsky cleanly cut into the middle, high above the goalie’s reach and a fraction of an inch from the bar, scoring a beautiful first goal. Mike Norman defender Lexi Moore timed it right and blocked another attempt by Jenefsky. A long field pass from Bones brought the ball back down to scoring range, and Jenefsky turned and bounced one over goalie Zoe Barraeda-Piccirillo to put the second goal through minutes later.

MNR, hungry to get on the scoreboard, moved the ball well but often out of bounds, and a series of throw-ins kept the ball in center field. The three MNR defenders of Lexi Moore, G.G. Belsito and Samantha Burgess deflected goal attempts by Jenefsky and Jewel Rodriquez through to the half time whistle. Burgess kept her tough composure, playing with broken fingers taped-up for the game.

In the second half, defending was evenly matched by both sides as goalies were swapped out. Several excellent attempts were fired by Greig and Moore but Jenefsky’s goalie reflexes kept goals well away. Nick Valdivieso was a strong presence for Mr. Bones and kept moving the ball out of mid-field.

MNR’s Cooper Hardy challenged Keegan Murphy and won the ball. Murphy’s first on-goal shot hit the post, but later in the half he found his feet, sending the ball through for a solid corner grounder and the final goal of the game.

Mr. Bones Coach Marne Salinas was proud of her team’s play. "Each player is learning to play both a defense and offense position so they don’t get tired," Salinas said. "They are having fun out there and it shows."

Injury report
Division I (12-14 yrs) has had injuries resulting from competitive play this week, with Danziger Destroyer’s Tommy Price out for most of the season with a torn ligament and Lapensee Plumbing’s Jordan Hynton out for a few weeks with a similar injury.

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