Vol 7 No. 1 - September 27, 2006

Find eclectic art at The Salamagundi

From left, John Sargent and Amy Betz are artists in residence and Susan Street is the owner of The Salamagundi.

By Louise Bolger
sun staff writer

Do you have The Salmagundi spirit? You do if you have a creative nature, enjoy art, literature, performing arts, are spontaneous and have an interest in community-related endeavors. If this sounds like you, a visit to The Salmagundi should be at the top of your list.

The Salmagundi is one of the distinctive art galleries that have bloomed in downtown Bradenton’s Village of the Arts. Started a year ago by Susan Street, her mission was to bring together an eclectic mix of artists for the purpose of displaying their works, performing their artistry and meshing with the community. In fact, the name Salmagundi translates to "what you got stew," a pirate word for a mixture of food.

Susan’s parents, Fred and Ruth Hess, owned two Village of the Arts bungalows built in the early 1920s. One is now home to The Salmagundi and the one next door is in the process of being converted into another gallery and artist residence. The adjoining property has an outdoor stage, primarily for musical performances as well as comedy shows, poetry readings, plays and just great get togethers. Susan Street’s concept is to create an art compound for both artists and art lovers to enjoy.

Amy Betz and John Sargent are the artists-in-residence at The Salmagundi, where their art as well as other artist’s works are on display. The Salmagundi offers leased gallery space without additional commission to artists with The Salmagundi spirit who want to participate in a variety of Village of the Arts events.

Street, Betz and Sargent encourage a diverse blend of art disciplines and feature artists who work with acrylics, ceramics, glass, pastels, soapstone, driftwood, oils, conte’ pencil and pen and ink sketches, design jewelry and create pregnancy life casts and life masks. Some of the artists affiliated with The Salmagundi, in addition to Betz and Saregent, are Robin Ann Allee, Richard Thompson, Stan Terryll, Geneva B. Sims and Anne Stiles.

Village of the Arts Artwalks, sponsored by the Artist Guild of Manatee County, are the first weekend of every month, and October 6th will be a gala Artwalk opening the new season. You can stroll through the streets of the village, and visit the galleries and businesses displaying the works of well over 100 artists. Also, watch for announcements from The Salmagundi with their expanded hours for the fall season as well as more musical and literary events at their location.

We should all consider ourselves lucky to have access to a community encouraging and promoting all nature of artistic accomplishments. The Salmagundi and its advocate Susan Street has helped to create an "artist stew" for the betterment of everyone in Manatee County. Stop in and taste the stew at The Salmagundi for a truly unique experience.

The Salamagundi (pronunciation: sal’mu-gun’de)
Village of the Arts
1003 12th St. W.
Open Friday and Saturday
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Artwalks and by appointment

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