Vol 6 No. 51 - September 13, 2006

Clark Spring Lake is a hidden treasure

Most of the single-family and duplex homes located on Clark Lane, Clark Drive and sections of 68th Street, Palm Drive and Holmes Boulevard border on a spring-fed lake.

By Louise Bolger

I’ve got a secret, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Garry Moore and the 1950s TV show. It does have everything to do with another little known island neighborhood.

Clark Spring Lake Estates in Holmes Beach is a diversified area of single-family homes and duplexes located on Clark Lane, Clark Drive and sections of 68th Street, Palm Drive and Holmes Boulevard.

The unique aspect of this area is that most of the residential properties border a spring-fed lake. Yep, right in the middle of Holmes Beach is a lake, and I hear that some people fish in it and even operate small row and paddle boats.

Just like so many other sections of the Island, Clark Spring Lake is undergoing a rapid change. Older single family and duplex homes are being renovated and rebuilt, changing the face of the area.

I could not find any recorded sales for this year, however, 2005 did have some turnover. Two duplexes sold for $370,000 and $405,000, and four single family homes sold for $480,000 to $739,000. Remember these sales were last year and do not reflect any appreciation for 2006.

I am aware of three properties currently on the market. A one-level, two-bedroom, two-bath home with a fireplace, garage and deeded boat dock listed for $575,000 on Clark Drive; a new single family home/condo with three bedrooms and three baths, garage and elevator listed for $899,000 on Holmes Boulevard; and a corner lot duplex on Clark Lane listed at $597,500.

In addition, there are vacation rentals available in some of the duplex units on Holmes Boulevard. A two-bedroom, bath-and-a-half villa rents in the high $2000’s per month in season.

Within walking distance to the beach and the Island trolley, it’s a surprise that Clark Spring Lake has remained a secret to so many island folk. Now that the secret is out, I would like to thank Mr. McCaffrey for giving me a heads up on another one of Anna Maria’s hidden treasures.

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