Vol 6 No. 44 - July 26, 2006

Chamber to open satellite site at historical museum
By Pat Copeland
sun staff writer

The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce is planning to open an information center in the Anna Maria Island Historical Museum in Anna Maria.

"There will be a desk with a phone that people can call directly to the Chamber," President Mary Ann Brockman explained. "There will be guidebooks and maps for them to pick up, and it also will be manned by Chamber volunteers."

Sissy Quinn said she had spoken to Brockman about the information center in December, when she took over as executive director of the historical society, but was too busy to act on the idea.

"Mary Ann asked me again recently and I contacted our board members, who approved," Quinn said. "We already have an old roll top desk to use and we’ll be working in the museum repainting, reorganizing and refreshing the displays before the center is installed. We are hoping to have it operational for season."

Brockman agreed and said she hoped to have the center open prior to the Chamber’s Bayfest in October.

"It’s an opportunity to give people more information on the Island," Brockman said. "People don’t know were to go to get it and we’re trying to steer them to the information center. We’ll have signs, so people know where we are. We’re excited about it."

Quinn said another advantage for visitors is that with the added the Chamber volunteers, the museum can be open longer hours.

Brockman said she is working with Bradenton Beach Mayor John Chappie on another information center in that city.

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