Vol 6 No. 43 - July 19, 2006

'Vampire Biker Babes:' Coming soon to a theater near you

From left, Don Hall, Scott Tannehill, Mark Vance, Walt Jenkins, Moon Anders, Butch Glasgow, Carla Lang, Patricia Phinney, Dan Hine and John Mulligan after shooting a scene at Don Hall’s studio.
By Pat Copeland
sun staff writer

ANNA MARIA — Vampire bikers on motorcycles invade a town seeking revenge for the sins of the sheriff’s son and his friends — if that premise doesn’t grab you, you may be dead.

That’s the story line in "Vampire Biker Babes," the second movie filmed locally by director Walt Jenkins, an Anna Maria resident.

"It’s about 75 percent completed," Jenkins said last week. "Things are going really well. It’s been a very fine, positive experience."

Jenkins expects to have the movie completed in October and is planning a screening at a theater in Tampa, complete with limos and a red carpet.

Numerous Island and local locations were used for scenes in the movie including the Bradenton Beach Police Station, Coquina Beach, the north end of Anna Maria, the Church of the Annunciation, the Distillery and the Crazy Horse bars, the city of Palmetto and Riverview Plaza.

The story begins with a sheriff and a very wealthy resident, who run the town of Willow. The sheriff’s son, and nephew are leaders of a local biker gang, sanctioned by the sheriff and his friend.

"The son and his friends attack a photographer, Karla, who is on her way to cover Bike Week in Daytona for Born to Ride magazine," Jenkins explained.

The actual magazine is published in Tampa and the publisher, Ron Galletti, is helping promote the movie. He also plays the part of the magazine publisher who gives Karla her assignment. His office in the movie is that of Robin Rossiter, of Rossiter’s Harley-Davidson in Bradenton.

So where do the vampires come in?

Vlad, a 400-year-old vampire and direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler (consult your history book for more on this bad-to-the-bone dude), lives in a castle about 100 miles from Willow. The set for this was Soloman’s Castle, which is about 40 miles outside of Bradenton.

Karla, the photographer, is one of Vlad’s daughters. She was born before her mother became a vampire, making her a mortal. After the attack, she ends up in a coma in the local hosptial.

The other daughter, Vanna, is a vampire and lives in the castle with her father. Vanna, the leader of a female vampire biker gang, vows revenge on her sister’s attackers and the excitement begins.

Can you see where this is going?

A mess of mad vampires want revenge on some good ole’ boy bikers. To make it more interesting, Vlad commands an underground army of vampires through his ownership of —what else? Blood banks!

"It’s about vigilante justice when the political system is too corrupt to respond," Jenkins explained. "The sheriff is torn between what is right and his family. It’s a wnice story, There’s a lot of depth to the characters."

Jenkins aid he has about 15 more scenes to film, including one at Riverview Plaza that has eluded him for three weeks due to rain. In it, the sheriff is at the hospital to arrest Vanna when he looks out the window and sees an army of vampire bikers surrounding the building.

I’ll stop here because I don’t want to reveal too much and ruin all the fun. See you at the movie.


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