Vol 6 No. 41 - July 5, 2006

‘Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting’ a fabulous video


By Rusty Chinnis
sun staff writer

I met Lefty Kreh in April 1988 when I participated in a fly fishing seminar in Florida given by Kreh, Flip Pallot and Mark Sosin. I had attended the fly fishing seminar to improve my casting, and Kreh made a lasting impression from the very beginning. I remember standing awe struck as Kreh cast 80 feet of line with no rod and then cast one of the heavy brass room keys with half a seven weight rod.

Lefty Kreh is without a doubt the finest and most influential fly casting instructor that has ever lived. When I decide to teach fly casting it was Kreh’s "Lessons with Lefty," that became my video text book, a tape that helped me pass the Federation of Fly Fishers casting certification course.

If you had asked me if Kreh could improve on his casting instruction I would have said it was impossible. That is until I received his latest DVD entitled "Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting." Once gain Kreh raises the bar with his unique, common sense approach to fly casting. This DVD takes the innovative approach of using three cameras. One close up view coupled with two wider angle side views. With a simple click of the mouse, you can see any of Lefty’s casting instructions from multiple views. I have reviewed most fly casting instruction videos and can honestly say that "Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting" is the finest available today.

Kreh begins with the wise advice to learn the fundamentals of fly casting, rather than the style of the caster you learn from. He explains that once you understand the physics that govern casting a fly line, you can cast efficiently in your own style and the according to the waters and conditions you fish.

Kreh begins his instruction with the sage advice that you’re not casting fly line, you’re unrolling it. He then introduces the proper foot work, holding the rod properly and the importance of keeping the elbow below the waist or "on the shelf." Once he has the caster set up he shows how to apply the Four Principals, the basis of every good cast.

Once Kreh has demonstrated the basics he covers two topics that are on the tip of every aspiring fly caster’s tongue, "How do I avoid tailing loops, and how do I get tight loops?” What sets Kreh apart from other professional fly casting instructors is his direct, simple and common sense solutions to universal casting problems. With three short and concise (you’ll have to buy the DVD to find out) statements, Kreh dispels the mystery and has you understanding and enjoying your fly casting!

“Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting” is available on DVD or video and can be purchased from many fly shops. On line you’ll find this and other fine videos from Kreh at www.reelresources.com or call 800-661-5918.

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