Vol 6 No. 39 - June 21, 2006

Combo living easy at North Beach Village

North Beach Village in Holmes Beach offers both condo and homeowner associations in the same complex.
By Louise Bolger

Owning a single family home or living in a condominium is a decision that is not uncommon among Florida transplants. Do you give up garage and storage space for the convenience of a turnkey lifestyle; is swimming in your own pool more important than the ease of having someone else clean it; and would you rather make your own landscaping decisions instead of living with majority rule. If these are some of the conflicting feelings you’ve experienced, then North Beach Village in Holmes Beach may have at least part of the solution.

North Beach Village is tucked away on a triangular piece of property between Holmes Boulevard, Gulf Drive, and 64th Street with a beach access across Gulf Drive. The attractive complex consists of multi-level townhouses with garages and bonus rooms behind the garage. There are a variety of floor plans ranging from 1,536 square feet down to 1,206 square feet with either two or three bedrooms and two or two and a half baths. Most have two-car garages, but there are a few one-car garage models. A few units have elevators. They all have more than one deck, some are open and some are covered and screened, there is also a lower patio off the bonus room.

The primary contrast among the 71 residential units is that 20 are a homeowner’s association (built between 1988 and 1989), and 51 are condominiums (built between 1990 and 1993). The principal difference has to do with ownership of the land and insurance. The homeowner’s association units own the land under the building and are issued a survey reflecting this. Also, homeowner’s association residents are responsible for their own homeowner’s, flood and wind insurance just as if they owned their own homes. The condominiums do not own the land under the units, and have their insurance paid for as part of their monthly association fees requiring them only to carry condominium rather than structural insurance. Therefore, monthly maintenance fees are higher in the condominiums than in the homeowner’s association, $276 vs. $113.50. Maintenance fees in all areas, however, include cable, pool and lawn maintenance and pest control.

The homeowner’s association does not have standard condo rules to abide by involving rentals, the condos have a two week minimum rental rule. Pets are permitted in all of North Beach.

Currently there are six on the market available for sale. One is part of the homeowner’s association listed at $570,000, and the other five are all in the condos ranging from $550,000 to $609,000. The last two sales were in 2005, both were in the condos, one closing at $527,500 and the other at $618,000.

The townhouses at North Beach Village represent single family living without all of the responsibility, and condo living without all of the restrictions, a little something for everyone. So if you’re having trouble making a lifestyle decision, this may be the place for you, all it takes is a village to make your dreams come true.

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