Vol 6 No. 39 - June 21, 2006

Former owner returns to Island deli

Joe De Nigris, the former owner of Island Gourmet Deli, is back behind the counter with daily specials and new menu items after teaming up with Time Saver owner Mondher Kobrosly to buy the deli back from the people he sold it to.

By Louise Bolger
sun staff writer

HOLMES BEACH – The man who founded Island Gourmet Deli is back in charge after a two-year retirement, thanks to the prodding of another gourmet purveyor.

Joe De Nigris opened the shop at 5604 Marina Drive in 1994 and sold it after 10 years when he decided to retire. In his absence, the name changed to Island Gourmet Pizza and Wine, but the owner recently decided to get out of the business. That’s when the door opened for De Nigris’ return.

Mondher Kobrosly, owner of Time Saver Food and Wine and Jessie’s Island Store, decided to invest in the business, but he felt it would be a good time to see if De Nigris wanted to return, due to the store’s popularity when he first owned it.

"It’s back to work for me; I’m out of retirement," De Nigris said on Wednesday, June 14, the day after reopening. "I’m excited about it."

De Nigris is equally excited about the return of Julie Toner, who will again run the front of the shop and who had spent the last two years developing a deli at Time Saver. She will handle the pizza, salads and sandwiches served at the counter.

"She’s very good," he said. "Customers are already coming in looking for her."

De Nigris and Kobrosly will also expand the shelves in the front of the store with more gourmet Italian packaged items and wines.

De Nigris said he would specialize in takeout dinners featuring pasta, veal, pork tenderloin, duckling and other entrees. Full dinners including bread and salad will range in price from around $10 to $15, he said.

"I look forward to getting all our old customers back," he said. "Our menu will be a lot bigger than it was before."

The expanded menu includes a seafood platter with shrimp, scallops, grouper and crab cakes.

"The menu is always changing," he said. "We encourage people to call for our daily specials."

"We will choose a wine to go with your dinner if you like," De Nigris said. "It’s a nice way to enjoy a meal at home without cooking."

De Nigris expects 90 percent of his business to be takeout. He said their summer hours will be 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and will be extended during season when he will be open Monday through Saturday.

To call in an order, phone 778-0333.

Name: Island Gourmet Deli
Address: 5604 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach
Phone: 778-0333
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday,10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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