Vol 6 No. 35 - May 24, 2006

Kid’s stuff at Kid’s Day
Tom Vaught
sun staff writer

ANNA MARIA – It was a perfect day for a picnic at the beach, and that’s what a group of kids and their parents did last Saturday as they joined the Anna Maria Island Privateers at Bayfront Park for Snooks Adams’ Kid’s Day.

Their ranks were cut this year by the skateboard competition in Holmes Beach, but the youngsters who showed up in Anna Maria had a lot of fun.

This year, the Island Dojos, a martial arts class headed by Kevin Bergquist, joined the fun and gave a Pre-Teen Ninja Pirates demonstration on the beach.

Following that, everyone headed into the pavilion for hot dogs, chips and sodas donated by the Privateers plus pizza donated by Domino’s.

Ryan Joseph and his mother, Kelly, of Holmes Beach, pose for the camera. Ryan was the youngest pirate costume contest winner.

Possibly because of the skateboard competition, few kids entered the pirate look-alike contest. The winners were Ryan Joseph, of Holmes Beach; Megan Kotkowski, of Parrish; and Mallory Morris, of Holmes Beach.

Also because of the lighter turnout, it took longer for the kids to find all the buried loot on the beach. One of the Privateers bemoaned the fact that they had failed to make a treasure map to make sure it was all found.

If not, there may be something buried on the shore of Anna Maria for someone else to find later.


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