Vol 6 No. 32 - May 3, 2006

Developer ordered to take down berm

GSR Development, LLC, has been ordered to take down the sand berm on this property by May 10.

By Tom Vaught
sun staff writer

BRADENTON BEACH – Troubles are piling up for the developers of some prime property that was scheduled to become a beachfront condominium project.

The Bradenton Beach building permit for the Rosa Del Mar project was declared null and void by building official Ed McAdam on Sept. 20, 2005, due to a lack of activity. GSR Development, LLC, fenced off the property and built a large berm of sand running along its western perimeter.

Last week, the building department sent a certified notice of a code violation regarding the berm on the property.

It says that to remedy the situation, GSR must remove the entire soil stockpile that is located along the westerly property line of the property and restore it to the grade level it was prior to the start of construction.

It also warns that failure to take this corrective action by May 10 will result in the violation being referred to the city’s code enforcement board for a hearing.

The cost for a new city permit would be $155,415 and at a meeting earlier this year, GSR partner Steve Noriega asked the city to consider bargaining to cut down that cost, since he had already held a permit.

Noriega cited delays in dealing with the state as the reason for the lack of activity on the site. The city commission agreed to have him negotiate with McAdam on the cost.

On March 10, Noriega asked the city to approve plans for the condominium project, but on April 5 McAdam said he would have to pay for the new permits up front in order for that to happen. His letter emphasized that the cost for the city permit would be $155,415.

Meanwhile, GSR has moved off the Island from its headquarters at Villa Rosa, 410 South Bay Blvd. in Anna Maria. The sign on the door reads, "We have moved to 5708 Manatee Ave. W. in Bradenton."

Last week, the Bradenton Beach Building Department received a copy of a letter to GSR from D.L. Porter Construction, Inc., saying it is terminating its contract with the developer.

It cites GSR’s "failure to properly resolve the issues" stated in a May 4, 2004 letter. The contents of that letter were not disclosed.

The letter received by the building department said that if GSR wanted the fence to remain, it would have to pay D.L. Porter Construction $2,532.

Officials of GSR Development have not returned the Sun’s calls for comment.

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