Vol 6 No. 25 - March 15, 2006

Beachway Liquors: Good bargains, big selection

Left to right, Hess Patel, Dipika Patel and Keith Patel are ready to serve customers.

By Louise Bolger
sun staff writer

There never is just one reason that a new business is successful; usually it depends on a convergence of several occurrences, not the least of which is location.

Beachway Liquors opened its doors one year ago this month in a shopping plaza that was just starting to turn around, something that was not lost on Keith Patel.
He quickly realized the location he chose for his second store was one of the best in northwest Bradenton.

Born in Zambia, Africa, and educated in the United States, Patel already had a large and successful liquor store on Cattleman Road in Sarasota. His strategy was to open another store in Manatee County, enabling him to do a volume business, ultimately passing the savings along to consumers. His strategy worked. The prices at Beachway Liquors are generally 8 to 12 percent less than the competition, and the inventory is massive.
In fact, many of Beachway’s customers who are visitors and seasonal residents buy wine and liquor in bulk to take back home when they leave.

Patel is very proud of this bright, impeccable store and loves his customers, whom he says are some of the nicest he has ever met. And Beachway Liquors sure caters to their customers by stocking high end products not easily found in other liquor stores. You can purchase 20-year-old single malt liquor, and exclusive bottles of wine like Caymus, Plumjack and Cakebread among others.

Beachway also carries cigars, cigarettes, ice, beer (cold), mixers, gift boxes and some bar supplies and drink accessories. They advertise weekly specials, and conduct holiday wine tasting get-togethers, the next one during St. Patrick’s Day week.

Like many successful businesses, Beachway Liquors is run and staffed by Patel family members. Hess Patel is the manager of Beachway Liquors and Dipika Patel works behind the counter.

Whether you’re looking for advice when purchasing a special bottle of wine for your anniversary celebration or a case of beer for your Sunday afternoon barbecue, the Patels at Beachway Liquor will be there to help make your event a success.

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