Vol 6 No. 22 - February 22, 2006

None hurt as car slams into day care center
ByTom Vaught

ANNA MARIA – Nobody was injured in a two-car accident last Friday afternoon at the intersection of North Shore Boulevard and Pine Avenue, but one of the vehicles ran into the building that houses the School of Constructive Play pre-school while children were waiting for their parents.

Michael Vargo, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, was ticketed for running a stop sign.

This Buick Park Avenue crashed into the front of the School for Constructive Play in Anna Maria last Friday after it collided with another vehicle. There were no injuries.

His silver rented Saturn ran into a Buick Park Avenue driven by John Elfenbein, of Anna Maria. The impact pushed the Buick into the school parking lot and the vehicle hit the corner of the building, knocking over a wooden fence and putting a hole in the wall.

According to school officials, the children had just finished putting away their toys and were outside playing in the back area. Five minutes earlier and they would have been in the front room where the car went through the wall.

As curious drivers coasted slowly past the damage, Elfenbein’s wife, Phyllis, helped her husband with the paperwork and Vargo called his rental company to arrange for a tow and a new rental car. The Saturn’s front was smashed and the Buick sustained damage to its door and the front, where it hit the building.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Deputies Sargent John Kenny and John D’Amato investigated the crash. Kenny directed the parents to the back area where their children were and assured them the children were not harmed. One young man came out from the back yard with his mother, walking toward her car with a worried look on his face. Kenny talked with him, telling him he was safe and not to worry and that worried look quickly turned into a smile.

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