Vol 6 No. 16 - January 11, 2006

Part II: What�s in and what�s out for 2006

By Louise Bolger


Here we are, the second week into the new year. We’d better get going on what’s out for 2006, because 2007 is right around the corner. These are some of the trends that will be out for 2006 according to the New York Times "1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home."
What’s out:

The real estate bubble (finally). It’s actually a correction with a soft decline in prices, the definitive word being soft.

Ebony-stained hardwood floors. Better to tear it out than try to sand and refinish.
Single-rod closets get organizers to maximize the most storage in the least amount of space.

Dark rooms with small windows. Natural light will make even the dated kitchen look better.
Wallpaper. Who cares if it’s nice and expensive. It may not be the same taste as a buyer, paint is the way to go.

Builder grade light fixtures and interior fixtures used outside. The right fixtures say quality to buyers. It’s the same affect imported Italian shoes have on your outfit.

Awnings on exterior windows and doors. Rremember, let the sun shine in.

Mirrored walls any place, living room, kitchen, bedrooms, very retro 80’s.

Color is definitely in, however, strong, bold and trendy colors may not be for every buyer, especially if he doesn’t read Architectural Digest. Keep it neutral.

Gas grills that need their own tank. If possible, have it piped in from the house or bury a small propane tank.

Dropped ceilings. Vertical space and high ceilings are in, in, in.

Stainless steel appliances (please don’t tell my husband). Some people just don’t like to clean them.

Laminated flooring that looks like hardwood. Not only can buyers tell it’s not wood, the noise it makes with high heel shoes is the deal-killer during property showings. This has been too long in coming. Let’s hear it for real wood.

The New York Times may have better resources than me, but it’s a safe bet that their focus is not on Florida. So here are a few of my personal outs in any year:

Domed kitchen ceilings, especially with fans. Very your mother’s Florida.

Pebble and stone lawns. I know it’s maintenance free especially for snow birds, but don’t try and sell your house with one.

Pool cages that are not vaulted. Remember vertical space is in, in, in.

Toilets in a separate room with a door (I happen to have one) are an incredible waste of space.

Houses painted pink. I don’t mean the popular coral or pinky taupe; I mean flamingo pink.

And speaking of flamingos, please remove them from your front lawn before placing your house on the market, unless, of course, your friends are flamingoing you for your birthday.
Just one more thing. If you haven’t taken down your Christmas decorations yet, that is a very definite out. Happy New Real Estate Year.

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