Vol 6 No. 16 - January 11, 2006

Ginny’s Arts & Antiques always changing

Ginny Dutton continues to keep it interesting with a changing variety of
art work and collectibles at Ginny’s Antiques and Art.

By Louise Bolger
sun staff writer

If you’re looking for retirement advice, don’t ask Ginny Dutton.

After retiring from her broadcasting and marketing career, Dutton and her husband relocated to Anna Maria Island with plans to kick back and enjoying the good life. Little did she know that her modest retirement job would turn into a lucrative dual-location business keeping her busy seven days a week, and she absolutely loves it.

Ginny’s Antiques & Art has been a fixture in Holmes Beach for over nine years, and instead of sitting back and resting on her laurels, Dutton keeps expanding and changing. A year and a half ago she and her sister, Jane Joyce, opened Ginny’s Garden Party on Gulf Drive in Anna Maria, which includes Jane E’s I’ll Bake If I Want To bakery. In addition, about a year ago Ginny’s Antiques was expanded to over 3,000 square feet, allowing space to display more art work and collectibles.

Out of state newspapers have featured many articles recommending a visit to Ginny’s Antiques when visiting Anna Maria. Because her reputation extends far and wide, artists have approached her about displaying their work. Dutton now has on display the work of many artists, including Zoe, Mexican religious icons; Miranda Zimmer, dots on miniatures; Will Corr, who has showings at the Manatee Art League; Joshua Johnson, framed tiles; Dennis Deusher, acrylic and spackle; Cindy Inman, oils of fruits; and Catalino Garcia, famous for his mosaics in commercial buildings.

Of course, Dutton continues to offer antique and painted furniture, including wicker, linens, jewelry, baby clothes and unique odds and ends such as a croquet set and boots embellished with tropical fish. She and her three employees are continually updating the inventory they acquire from over 30 artists.

And last, but not least, don’t forget Dutton’s flea market, also an Island institution. The flea market is the first Sunday of every week in season running through April. For a modest fee, anyone can set up a table and display his/her wares.
Dutton says, "It may sound corny, but I am so thankful for being on the Island and for the wonderful friends I have made through the years."

Maybe Dutton isn’t the best source for retirement advice, but stop in any time for antique and art advice.

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