Vol 6 No. 15 - January 04, 2006

Balance Pilates and yoga center
Strenthen your body and spirit

Connie Borho shows oe of the pieces of equipment that she uses for fitness training.

By Louise Bolger
sun staff writer

If like most of us, you’re walking around with that extra five or ten pounds of Christmas cheer, it may be time to clean out the refrigerator and call Connie Borho.

Connie Borho opened Balance Pilates and Yoga Center in August after relocating from New York to Bradenton a year ago. With twenty years of experience in the fitness business under her belt, Borho’s concept was an exercise studio designed to strengthen not only your body, but one that would also engage your mind and nurture your spirit.

"Conscious fitness" is what she calls it and the way you achieve it is through pilates and yoga.

Pilates, although not a new exercise method, was not well known outside of the Northeast. In fact Connie Borho is currently the only certified Pilates teacher in Manatee County. According to Borho’s brochure, "The Pilates method of body conditioning is a series of exercises designed to strengthen and elongate the muscles, and invigorate the mind and body." This is achieved through the use of spring-based equipment and mat exercises concentrating on the abdomen, buttocks, lower back and inner thigh. The equipment, which was invented by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago, has names like Cadillac, Reformer and Wonder Chair. Training programs are designed around using one piece or all pieces of the equipment in either one-on-one sessions, duet training or small groups.

As the name indicates, Balance Pilates and Yoga also offers yoga classes in a variety of configurations, private one-on-one, duet and group classes. I also noticed Tai Chi for arthritis being offered at the studio. Classes for both Pilates and yoga are opened to both men and women.

Connie Borho claims that through conscious fitness, rather than being exhausted and depleted after an exercise session, you will be invigorated and serene. Balance Pilates and Yoga will teach you balanced exercise techniques leading to healthier and more vibrant lives. That is, of course, after you have gotten rid of the leftovers.

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