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Vol 5 No. 35 - May 18, 2005

AAA pennant race up for grabs

By Monica Johnson
sun staff writer

The race for the Anna Maria Island Little League AAA title is heating up, as all three teams remain within striking distance heading into the last week of the season.

WMFD is in first with a 7-6 record. Morgan Stanley solidifies second place with a 6-6-2 record, and Duncan slips into third with five wins, six losses and two ties.

Joey Hutchinson, of WMFD, tries to put a tag on Duncan’s Elijah Toussaint in a play at third base during action last week.

Monday, May 9
Duncan 14, Morgan Stanley 14
Duncan and Morgan Stanley tied in this AAA Little League baseball game on Monday, May 9. Morgan Stanley took the lead for the first two innings, then both teams tied in the bottom of the third. The score of 14-14 was maintained through a scoreless forth inning.

Morgan Stanley’s Matt Bauer went 2-for-3, including a double, a single, an RBI double and two runs scored. Zach Even whacked a single, an RBI and scored a run. Kyle Parsons went 3-for-4, including three singles and two runs scored. Zach Evans, Giorgio Gomez and Sarah Howard, each ripped a pair of singles, Evans and Howard scored two runs each and Gomez scored one run. Daniel Janisch and Martine Miller smacked a single each, Miller scored two runs and Janisch scored one. William Brusso scored one run in the tie.

Duncan’s Glenn Bower went 2-for-3 including an impressive triple, a single, an RBI double and three runs scored. Immediately after Glenn Bower was up, Jordan Sebastiano also ripped a triple and sent him home. Sebastiano scored three runs total in the game. Kyle Crum and Trevor Bystrom hit a pair of singles, Crum batted in Sebastiano, and Bystrom scored a run. Austin Wash smacked a single and scored a run. Troy Koszewski, Patrick Edwards, and Max Miller scored three runs, two runs and one run respectively.

Wednesday, May 11
Morgan Stanley 16, WMFD 13
This win on Wednesday, May 11 helped to keep Morgan Stanley in second place. Zach Even went 3-for-3, including three singles, an RBI and two runs scored. Martine Miller whacked a double, an RBI double and scored one run. Zach Evans went 2-for-3, including a pair of singles, an RBI and three runs scored. Matt Bauer smacked a double, an RBI, and scored a run. Blake Rivers ripped a pair of singles. Giorgio Gomez and Nicole Botero each scored two runs, Sarah Howard, Daniel Janisch, and Kyle Parsons added a run each in the win.
Tommy Price led WMFD going 2-for-3, including a triple, a single, an RBI double, and two runs scored. Teammate Blake Wilson went 3-for-3, hitting three singles and scoring two runs. Shawn Conover hit a triple, an RBI double, and scored two runs. Hunter Parrish and Elijah Toussaint scored two runs each and one run apiece came from Alex Burgess, Jonah Caster, and Michael Dolan.

Friday, May 13
WMFD 12, Duncan 6
WMFD beat Duncan 12-6 on Friday, May 13 at the Anna Maria Island Community Center. Blake Wilson pitched first for WMFD allowing seven walks, no hits, and striking out three. Joey Hutchinson pitched second giving up four walks, no hits and striking out four.
After an uneventful first inning, both teams came alive in the second. During the top of the second, Duncan was leading by three runs, one each from Alex Hall, Jordan Sebastiano, and Austin Wash. All three runs were scored on walks and stolen bases. In the bottom of the second, WMFD got three singles in a row, first from Tommy Price, then Connor Cloherty, then Shawn Conover. Justin Succa walked to first and sent Price home. Then Elijah Toussaint smacked a single, sending Cloherty over the plate. Michael Dolan walked, Conover was sent home. Then Hunter Parrish walked, sending Succa home. Blake Wilson ripped a single, and an RBI double as Toussaint and Dolan crossed home plate. Alex Burgess hit a single, Cloherty was up again and as he walked to first, Parrish scored a run. Conover smacked a single and batted in Wilson to end the second inning 8-3.

In the bottom of the third, Jonah Caster and Joey Hutchinson made it to first on errors. Parrish walked, sending Caster over home plate and Hutchinson scored a run to add two more runs to the WMFD tally. In the top of the forth, Duncan got a run from Jake Rappe who made it home on errors and stolen bases.

In the bottom of the forth Burgess singled, Price doubled and sent Burgess home. Price slid into home as Conover was up at bat. Conover and Hutchinson each smacked a single in WMFD’s final turn at bat. Troy Koszewski and Sebastiano each scored a run in Duncan’s final attempt to pull ahead, but it just was not enough to overcome WMFD’s six run lead.
The pitching team for Duncan consisted of Trevor Bystrom, Kyle Crum, and Grant Bower. Bystrom gave up one walk, two hits and struck out two; Crum allowed five walks, three hits and struck out one; Bower gave up one walk, four hits and struck out two.

Center roller hockey fast and furious

By Monica Johnson
sun staff writer

Tuesday, May 10
Play it Again Sports 9, Anna Maria Island Sun 6
Play it Again Sports beat Anna Maria Island Sun on Tuesday, May 10, in roller hockey action at the Anna Maria Island Community Center. Both Patrick Anderson and Max Marnie scored four goals each in the win. Anderson also had an assist. Teammate Broderick West scored a goal in the third period.

Wally Stern scored three goals and had three assists to lead the Sun. Giorgio Gomez, Darren Phillips and Trey Stern all scored one goal each in the loss.

Saturday, May 14
Anna Maria Sun 12, True Value Hardware 7
The Island Sun beat True Value Hardware in roller hockey action on Saturday, May 14. True Value’s Luke Shackelford began the scoring off of an assist from Zach Facheris. The second goal came from an unassisted Patrick Facheris with four minutes left in the first period, bringing the score to 2-0. But not for long. The Sun’s Wally Stern smacked the puck in near post off of Trey Stern’s assist. Seconds later, Trey Stern scored a goal of his own. Stern was there to hit the puck in as the goalie attempted to clear it. The first period ended with a tie of 2-2.

The Sun started pulling ahead in the second period when Trey Stern whacked the puck in near post. Gomez assisted Trey Stern’s next goal giving The Sun a two point lead. True Value did not give up, as Patrick Facheris scored off of Travis Belsito’s pass. The Sun’s Darren Phillips passed the puck down the line to an open Gomez, who in turn slammed the puck into the back of the net.

Teammate Trey Stern was at it again, this time his shot went into the upper right corner of the goal. An unassisted Wally Stern scored next, hitting the puck in near post. Shackelford answered the Sun with a goal of his own, launching the puck from far back in True Value’s domain. With fifteen seconds to go, Belsito scored with a solid shot off of a pass from Patrick Facheris, ending the second period with a score of 7-5.

In the third period, True Value came out ready to pla. It took many shots on goal, but the Sun’s Parker Keegan refused to let the puck enter his territory. The puck was coming in the upper corner, Keegan jumped up and used his shoulder to deflect it. Immediately after, the puck was shot back again, and Keegan was ready with a butterfly save. True Value’s Belsito managed to swoop in and score a goal, near post. The Sun’s Gomez answered it, swiping the puck in from a crisp center pass from teammate Wally Stern. Belsito scored True Value’s final goal off of an assist from Patrick Facheris.

The Sun kept scoring. An unassisted Gomez brought the puck down the right side and rifled it into the net. Then Wally Stern applied pressure to the goalie and got the puck in from the right side. Goalie Chase Shackelford made a top shelf save as the puck came flying in. Phillips scored after he intercepted a pass, and Wally Stern scored the final goal of the game with two minutes left. The final score was 12-7.

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