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Vol 5 No. 25- March 9, 2005

Anna Maria stars in the movies again

By Pat Copeland

sun staff writer

ANNA MARIA — Break out the popcorn — Anna Maria is in the movies again.

Walt Jenkins, of Anna Maria, with his company,, is currently completing "Fat Chance," which was filmed in various locations on Anna Maria Island and also at the Lost Kangaroo in Bradenton and the Smokin’ Martini and Tony D’s in Palmetto.

"I was contacted by Stu Gold and Dave Britton, of Ton ’O Gold Productions, to produce the movie," Jenkins explained. "Stu wrote the script, which is about a fat guy in his 40s who’s looking for love in the singles scene. It’s about these crazy dates he goes on and a small cast of characters he likes to meet with and smoke cigars. The film features 57 local actors."


Jenkins father was a colonel in the Air Force and after traveling the world, the family settled in Anna Maria in the 60s. Jenkins graduated from Manatee High School, then attended Manatee Community College, Florida State University and Columbia University Film School.

"I got hired out of school to do camera work in Los Angeles," he recalled. "I stayed in LA during the 70s and worked on all kinds of feature films and produced a few low budget, drive-in movies.

He set up his own company, Empire Productions, in 1972 and worked on feature films, television spots, documentaries and short films as everything from crew member to executive producer. He worked with John Wayne, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry and produced several feature films.

"In the late 70s, I moved back to Florida and took a job with the state managing a production facility in Gainesville. I stayed there 18 years," he said.

He and two partners also owned In Motion Pictures Corporation, which produced corporate and industrial films and television commercials. Jenkins left Gainesville for Orlando, where he was hired as a consultant to design a production facility, then managed the facility.

In 1998, his father had a stroke and he moved back to the Island to help his mother, Margaret, care for his father. That same year, he started

"I did quite a bit of corporate industrial stuff until a year ago, when I decided I wanted to do motion pictures again," Jenkins said. "We’re a turnkey operation. If you have movie you want to make and you can’t afford the equipment, we’ll do it. We can shoot in high definition tape and go to film or TV. I have a fast and efficient team of professionals that work with the company. We offer camera work, editing, lighting and even animation."

Jenkins said he has several distributors that want to screen "Fat Chance."

‘We make a 10-minute version to show investors and distributors the quality of our work and make a package with the script, budget, etc.," he explained. "If they like it, they’ll buy it or enter into an agreement to co-distribute it."

Jenkins said he has four other movies in the works, and all will use Island locations for scenes. One is about an angel who is sent back to earth to earn his wings. Another is a comedy about attorneys, a third is a science fiction feature and the fourth is a horror film.

"I like to shoot in this area," he said. "I also have a studio with a sound stage in downtown Bradenton and 12 acres with a barn near Gainesville that I can use."

In addition to movies, Cyberstreme offers web site design, streaming media, commercials, computer animation, infomercials, still photos, CDs and DVDs and music videos.

"I do a lot of consulting with corporations on how to market products using the Internet and streaming media with DVD production," he said.

Jenkins can be contacted at 778-5207 or His website is

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