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Vol 5 No. 39 - June 15, 2005

Hundreds pay homage to Lynn Drolet

Lynn Drolet spent a lot of time during the party with the children.

By Tom Vaught
sun staff writer

HOLMES BEACH – Classrooms have erasers to get rid of each day's lessons, but nothing can erase the impression a teacher leaves on students when the final bell sounds.

Lynn Drolet found that out at a going away party for her last Sunday at St. Bernard Catholic Church.

"Oh my golly, it was incredible," she said after the party. "There was so much love in that room and friendship and tears and happiness."

For three hours, the energetic, inventive, first grade teacher was showered with attention and gifts by those who had called her their teacher over the past 10 years. One of the party's organizers, Joy Murphy, estimated as many as 200 people were there.

"There was a lot of love, tears, sadness and hugging," Murphy said of the party. "We're really going to miss her."

Murphy said another organizer, Donna Perez, called every family whose children had ever attended her class and they came with gifts, letters and food.

She is moving to North Carolina to become a writer and editor for The Education Center in Greensboro, N.C., publisher of magazines for educators across the country.

The Island Hobbits, composed of former students Jay Beard, Trina Rizzo and Tommy Price, sang a tribute to her, including a remake of a Meredith Willson song made popular by the Beatles, "Till There Was You."

The PTO provided the cake and drinks and gave Drolet a photo album. There was a place where youngsters could write her notes and some of the younger students made outlines of their hands and colored them for her.

When the moving truck comes at the end of the month to take her possessions to North Carolina, they will be carrying the precious mementos of her teaching career at Anna Maria Elementary School. She will be following behind, carrying the memories of this special Sunday.

"There are no words to describe it… no words," said Drolet. "I feel truly blessed."

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