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Vol 5 No. 23- February 23, 2005

Division II’s Danziger advances to the play-offs


By Monica Johnson
sun staff writer

The Anna Maria Island Community Center’s basketball action is winding down. The first place teams are in for the regular season and they are as follows: in the Premier League, Anna Maria Glass& Screen; in Division I, Publix; in Division II, Duncan Real Estate; and in Division III, Bistros. Time will tell if these teams will hold onto the first place titles in the upcoming play-offs and all-star games beginning on Monday, Feb. 21 and ending Saturday, Feb. 26. The top four teams in each division advance to the finals.

Glenn Bower scored nine points to lead Danziger over Duncan 17-15 in Division II basketball action. During the first quarter, Danziger kept Duncan scoreless. Emma Barlow made a jump shot, scoring the first two points of the night. Glenn Bower assisted in the lead by chipping in a basket of his own.

Duncan’s Chris Callahan came alive in the second quarter and helped to even up the score 7-7 by its end. Callahan scored six points at this stage of the game, two of which came from an impressive underhand basket. Bower drove the ball down the court and used some skilled dribbling, enabling himself to score two points and adding a point on a free throw. Duncan’s Ashley Waring added a point to the scoreboard also on a free-throw.

Danziger pulled ahead in the third quarter. Bower scored his final four points for the game, two of which came from an outstanding steal. Teammate Wyatt Hoffman chipped in four points of his own. Duncan’s Waring stepped up the defensive attack stealing the ball from the opposing Danziger on multiple occasions.

At the beginning of the final quarter, Danziger’s Barlow made an impressive pass assisting Hoffman’s two-point basket. Callahan drove the ball down the court and made the basket off the backboard. Waring scored two points on an offensive rebound and Teammate Kyle Crum made the lay-up that brought Duncan up to 15 points to Danziger’s 17 points. The last minute of the game was intense as Duncan made several failed attempts at the basket. Danziger pulled ahead with the win and bumped out Galati Marine, who’s play-off fate was also riding on this game.

Division I (12-13 years old)
Publix 48, Air and Energy 32

Ben Valvidieso scored 22 points to lead Publix to victory over Air and Energy on Thursday, Feb. 17. Teammate Justin Dearlove added 18 points and Egan Fridenberg scored eight points in the win. For Air and Energy, Corbin Kitchen scored 25 points and Garrett Secor added seven points.

Division II (10-11 year olds)
Anna Maria Oyster Bar 15, Steve Titsworth General Contractors 10

Despite S.T.G.C.‘s having the lead in the first quarter of the game, Oyster Bar pulled ahead partly due to Matt Bauer’s seven points. Teammate Nicole Botero, added four points and Sarah Howard and Molly Slicker each scored two points for the win. Trevor Bystrom, Kelly Guerin, Chandler Hardy, Molly McDonough and Ally Titsworth all scored two points apiece for S.T.G.C.

Anna Maria Oyster Bar 18, Steve Titsworth General Contractors 12
Anna Maria Oyster Bar beat S.T.G.C. 18-12 in this Division II basketball action. Oyster Bar’s Matt Bauer scored 10 points, Sarah Howard added four points and Zach Evans, along with Blake Rivers, scored two points each. S.T.G.C. had four points scored by Ally Titsworth, and two points apiece came from Chandler Hardy, Molly McDonough, Emily White and Rachael White.

Division III (8-9 years old)
A Paradise Realty 13, Harry’s 12

Josh Schmidt scored 6 points to lead A Paradise Realty over Harry’s on Thursday, Feb. 17. Courtney Schmidt added four points, Ryan Gilman scored two points and Logan Reiber added one point in the win. Harry’s Cliff Pascal lead his team with six points. Zach Facheris scored two points and teammates Isaiah Beaton and Savannah Schields scored a point apiece.

Bistros 22, Dips Ice Cream 16
Despite Dips being in the lead for the first three quarters, Bistros pulled ahead for the win in the final stanza. Hailey Dearlove scored 14 points, Giorgio Gomez added five points and Becca Butler scored three points for Bistros. Justine Gargett scored 14 points and Jerry Mayer scored two points for Dips in the loss.

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