Vol 6 No. 12 - December 14, 2005

License to grill: Island Grill Store

Glenn and Charlotte Corder show one of the grills available at their store.

By Louise Bolger
sun staff writer

Ever since man discovered fire, food has been cooked over an open flame. Well, there are open flames and there are open flames, and the Island Grill Store can show you ways to cook food that our ancestors never dreamed of.

Charlotte and Glenn Corder opened the Island Grill store on Dec. 13, 2004, in the S & S Plaza in Holmes Beach. Both long term Island residents, the Corders searched for a local business they could operate together as well as providing Island residents with grills and grilling supplies right in their own backyard. A year later, their store is filled to capacity, with more products still to be added.

They carry Green Egg Ceramic charcoal grills, which are also smokers, in different sizes, set in tables with preparation areas or stand alone; Weber charcoal and stainless steel gas grills; fish and turkey fryers; Primo ceramic grills and a just-arrived fire pit that can also be used for grilling.

The price of the grill also includes assembly, delivery and either a 20 pound bottle of gas or bag of charcoal. The Corders offer service the large retailers don’t and are happy to special order items they don’t have in stock.

If you’re already set with a grill, the Island Grill Store can outfit that grill with everything from grilling planks, smoker boxes, chimney starters, lighters, cutlery, skewers and a poultry roaster to take the place of the beer can. You can also purchase rubs, sauces, smoking chips and charcoal, aprons, pot holders and smoker bags which can also be used in your oven.

The Corders maintain a small library of books related to grilling. Check out the Al Roeker book and cutting boards. Very soon they plan on marketing custom outdoor kitchens which are very popular in California and are just starting to catch on in Florida. Glen Corder also captains his charter fishing boat Reel Fast out of Anna Maria, so he can offer lots of advice on how to best snag and grill the catch of the day. And for the holidays, The Island Grill Store is jammed packed with great gift giving ideas from little stocking stuffers on up.

It’s hard to believe that millions of years later we’re still cooking over an open flame. I guess it just tastes so darn good, our forebears sure knew something.

Name: Island Grill Store
Address: S & S Plaza, 5350 Gulf Drive,
Holmes Beach
Telephone: (941) 779-9594
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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