Vintage Beach begins season with win

Vintage Beach begins season with win
Duncan Real Estate's Tim Holly beats Cody Wright, of team Vintage Beach, to the soccer ball last Thursday night in the season opener at The Center. - Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – Week one of adult co-ed recreational soccer opened up the spring season with an action-packed game between Vintage Beach and Duncan Real Estate.

In the close match-up, both teams showed impressive passing and shooting to start the season, but the shooting efforts of the Vintage Beach squad eked out the 4-3 win in the final seconds of the game.

Starting the game in goal, Danny Free made six saves for the Vintage team before being replaced by designated goalkeeper Mark Rudacille.

Rudacille finished the game with eight stops, while Charles “Tuna” McCracken protected the net for team Duncan Real Estate. Credited with 12 saves, McCracken’s stops helped his team stay in contention for the full 40 minutes of regulation play.

On the scoring side of the game, team captain Kevin Roman scored a single goal. Tyler “Bean” Brewer eluded the Vintage Beach defense and keeper with two goals, keeping his team in the game.

Joey Hutchinson, captain for Vintage Beach, successfully struck twice for two points. Mid-game, Mandy Sky struck hard and accurately at the Duncan net for a goal.

Vintage Beach team member JD Webb’s ball handling and ability to move around the Duncan defense al- lowed him to get past McCracken with a scoring shot.

The offensive assists by Free, Hutchinson and Rudacille helped give the Vintage Beach squad their first win of the season.

To round out the first week of adult soccer play, Pool America handily defeated Moss Builders by seven points, with the final score 10-3.

Solid Rock Construction won by two goals against Sato Real Estate, putting them at the top of the leaderboard along with the Sandbar Seafood & Spirits team.

Finishing the night of soccer at The Center, the Sandbar easily won against Gulfview Windows & Doors. Team Sandbar scored 12 goals in the game, with a nine-point lead over Gulfview.

With six regular-season games to go, the Island’s community center adult soccer league is sure to give spectators and players a fun season of strikes, stops and scoring.



Vintage Beach (1-0-0) 4 Duncan Real Estate (0-1-0) 3

Pool America (1-0-0) 10 Moss Builders (0-1-0) 3



Solid Rock Construction (1-0-0) 5 Sato Real Estate (0-1-0) 3

Sandbar Seafood & Spirits (1-0-0) 12 Gulfview Windows & Doors (0-1-0) 3