Ellen Scott deemed honorary Privateer

Ellen Scott deemed honorary Privateer
The AMI Privateers made Ellen Scott an honorary member. - Joe Hendricks | Sun

BRADENTON BEACH – Ellen Scott is now an honorary member of the Anna Maria Island Privateers.

The Privateers surprised Scott with the honor during a March 15 fundraiser at the Drift In. The Privateers frequently partner with the Drift In to raise funds for the scholarships they award to local students and the Christmas gifts they provide to underprivileged families. The proceeds from this event were donated to the Privateers themselves as part of the “Raise The Skullywag” fundraising campaign for repairs and upgrades needed for their pirate ship-themed parade vehicle.

As she does during all Privateers’ fundraisers at the Drift In, Scott spent the evening urging patrons to purchase raffle tickets for the lotto board that contained $300 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets and a $100 bill. The raffle also included a liquor-filled gift basket valued at $300 to be given to some lucky ticket holder.

“Every time we do an event here, Ellen insists on creating the lotto board. I bring her the tickets and she arranges it, laminates it and then sells the hell out of those tickets,” Privateer John “Lil John Arr” Rutherford said.

Ellen Scott deemed honorary Privateer

Honorary Privateer memberships are bestowed upon community members who go above and beyond in their ef- forts to assist the Privateers.

“It doesn’t make them an official member, just an honorary member,” Rutherford said.

He noted Drift In manager Doreen Flynn is also an honorary Privateer.

“Ellen’s always there to help the Privateers,” Flynn said. “She’s a fantastic lady and she’s been doing this for more than 20 years.”

Flynn said that Drift In patron and retired BeachHouse restaurant chef Donald White is also an honorary Privateer. Several of Scott’s family members attended the fundraising event but she didn’t know they were there to see her honored.

Her son, Bob Slicker, said, “Since I was a child, my mom has always been involved in something to help someone else. She’s a true inspiration.”

Her grandson, Brian Slicker, said, “When I was young and living in Michigan, I got involved in charitable drives because of her. She taught me to help others.”

Ellen Scott deemed honorary Privateer

When presenting Scott with her honorary membership plaque, Privateer Kim “Syren” Boyd mentioned the lotto board and said, “Miss Ellen has been instrumental in helping us do this and we cannot think of a better way to thank her than to make her an honorary Privateer.”

Boyd then read aloud the plaque inscription: “This is to certify that Ellen Scott is held in such high esteem by this organization because of her overwhelming support and generosity to our krewe and to our mission, ‘Pirates for kids and community,’ that the membership and krewe has elected to confer upon her the privilege of honorary membership.”

Drift In owner Derek Williams then presented the Privateers with a $500 check for their “Raise The Skullywag” campaign and Drift In employee John “Baitman” Maguire donated an addi- tional $100.

Ellen Scott deemed honorary Privateer
Drift In owner Derek Williams presented Privateer Kim “Syren” Boyd with a $500 check. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

When discussing her honorary membership, Scott said, “It made me cry. It’s a great honor. I do it because I love the Privateers and I love who they help and what they work for, scholarships for kids and helping families have Christmas.”

Later that evening, the winning raffle ticket was pulled and Massachusetts resident and seasonal Flori- da resident Raye Young won the liquor basket and the lotto board that produced for her $98 in additional lottery ticket winnings.

Ellen Scott deemed honorary Privateer

Lotto board winner Raye Young was joined by Privateers John “Lil John Arr” Rutherford, Carmela Odriscoll, Kim “Syren” Boyd and Adam “Duck” Cross. – Joe Hendricks | Sun

According to Rutherford, Scott generated $2,126 in raffle ticket sales that night and the Privateers received an additional $850 in cash donations, bringing their “Raise the Skullywag” fundraising total to $5,001 at the time.