With two to go, team Luxury Services is 5-0

With two to go, team Luxury Services is 5-0
Luxury Services’ Sequiel Marintez and Ramon Guerrero IV cut off the angle of The Briley Mortgage team’s Alonzo Lemus racing down the sideline of The Center’s adult flag football gridiron last Thursday night. – Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – Team Luxury Services remains in the top-ranked position in The Center’s adult co-ed flag football league going into week six of winter league play.

With the win over The Briley Mortgage Team, Luxury stays one game ahead of team Moss Builders. Luxury beat the Moss squad week two in the season.

Matthew Briley did the scoring for his team with two rushing touchdowns. Briley also had three critical stops on defense.

The lack of points after the TD and a successful throwing game kept The Briley Mortgage Team squad playing catch-up the entire game going into halftime scoreless.

Karri Stephens lit up the field for The Briley Mortgage Team with two interceptions, two catches and five flag pulls. Alonzo Lemus caught four catches and had a defensive stop.

Teammate Connor Haughey made three nice receptions and pulled one flag in the game for The Briley team.

In the win, Luxury Services’ QB, Chase Richardson, had four passing touchdowns and a pick six on the other side of the football. Two of the scoring catches were to Jonathan Soultatos.

Soultatos’ contributions in the game also included six points running the football into the endzone and a flag pull to help stop the opponent’s forward progress.

Teammates Ramon Guerrero IV and Sequiel Marintez each had a receiving touchdown. Guerrero made three defensive stops, while Marintez had two along with a two-point conversion.

Tim Holly was most effective for Luxury Services with three flag pulls and a sack to help with the big win.

Ugly Grouper looks to put their first win in the record books this week against Luxury Services. The Briley team plays Solid Rock Construction, which shares a 3-2-0 record with their next opponent, as well as The Banks Home Lending Team.

Solid Rock Construction kept team Ugly Grouper out of the endzone, shutting them out with the final score 36-0. In a scoring showdown, Moss Builders eked out the win by three points, in the 58-55 win over The Sandbar.

Sharing a record of 1-4-0 with The Sandbar after week five play, the Gulf Drive Café team lost against The Banks Home Lending team by 20 points.

With the championship match up on Thursday, March 16, all eight teams are looking to the end game with a win. The championship game starts at 7 p.m.



Sun Scoreboard

Feb. 6

8- to 10-year-old league

Week 4


AMI Coconuts (2-2-0) 34

Cloud Pest Control (1-3-0) 12


Solid Rock Construction (3-1-0) 26

Moss Builders (2-2-0) 21


Westfall’s Lawn Care & Pest Control (3-1-0) 35

SynLawn (0-4-0) 0


Sato Real Estate (4-0-0) 26

Island Real Estate (2-2-0) 7



Feb. 7

11- to 13-year-old league

Week 4


Solid Rock Construction (3-1-0) 26

Shady Lady Horticultural Services (2-2-0) 0


Moss Builders (3-1-0) 24

International Resilient Intuitive (1-3-0) 0


Pineapple Market Place (4-0-0) 41

Sandhoff Construction (1-3-0) 22


Chick-Fil-A (1-3-0) 26

Storage Building Company (1-3-0) 8



Feb. 9

Adult flag football

Week 5


Luxury Services (5-0-0) 28

The Briley Mortgage Team (3-2-0) 12


Solid Rock Construction (3-2-0) 36

Ugly Grouper (0-5-0) 0


Moss Builders (4-1-0) 58

The Sandbar (1-4-0) 55


The Banks Home Lending Team (3-2-0) 42

Gulf Drive Café (1-4-0) 22