Team Pineapple Market Place remains undefeated

Team Pineapple Market Place remains undefeated
Hayden Eurice, for Solid Rock Construction, plays tight defense against Pineapple Market Place's Pay- ton Hovda in last Tuesday night's flag football game at The Center. - Monica Simpson | Sun

ANNA MARIA – High-scoring flag football action entertained the Island last week at The Center. The kids played their third week of regular season games, while the adults finished their fourth games on Feb. 2.

In the first game of 11- to 13-year-old league play closing out January football, Solid Rock Construction faced off against Pineapple Market Place. The fast-paced game ended with the Pineapple squad maintaining their undefeated record with a final score of 48-26.

Solid Rock’s first loss of the season was not without amazing play on both sides of the football.

Carter Eurice, QB for Solid Rock Construction, threw for four passing touchdowns. Eurice’s targets were Hayden Eurice, Audrey Guess and Austin Guess.

H. Eurice finished the game with one touchdown and three flag pulls on defense. Austin Guess also scored six points in the game and, on the other side of the football, two defensive stops.

Colson Mendiola scored an all-important extra-point conversion, adding a point to Solid Rock’s score. Addie Guess and Bella and Obi Roadman made plays to support the Solid Rock squad.

Avery Guess had a nice catch in the game, keeping Solid Rock in the game.

Team Pineapple Market Place remains undefeated
In week three youth flag football ac- tion, Solid Rock Construction’s Carter Eurice is chased out of the pocket by Pineapple Market Place’s rusher, Jordan Tobey. – Monica Simpson | Sun

The high scorer of the week for Solid Rock was Audrey Guess, scoring two TDs and two flag pulls. With six receptions, she matched the catch count of opponent Pey- ton Hovda.

League veteran Hovda finished the game scoring three touchdowns, one rushing and two receiving, three flag pulls, two two-point conversions, and three interceptions on defense.

The three interceptions, including one for a TD, was the game changer for Pineapple Market Place, leading to their victory.

Hovda’s teammates all had an amazing game, contributing to the win.

Pineapple Market quarterback and lifelong Center flag football player Jack Mattick passed for two touchdowns to Hovda.

On defense, Mattick contributed with two flag pulls and an interception. Teammate Colin Bankert had defensive stats with two stops and offensive stats with two receptions.

Riley Karecki got the call on a successful two-point conversion play for Pineapple. Offensive pass completions for Pineapple Marketplace include two catches by Brantley Kobialka. Cyrus Ryan added two flag pulls to the team’s record.

Pineapple Marketplace teammates Krosby Lamison, Kaleb Romagnino and Jordan Tobey rounded out the squad, making contributions in the team’s win this season.

Can the Pineapple Marketplace team finish the season undefeated? With only two regular-season games left, only Shady Lady and Moss Builders can stop them. Both squads finished week three with a 2-1-0 record.


Sun Scoreboard

Jan. 30

8- to 10-year-old league

Week 3


Sato Real Estate (3-0-0) 35

Moss Builders (1-2-0) 6


Westfall’s Lawn Care & Pest Control (2-1-0) 30

AMI Coconuts (1-2-0) 26


Solid Rock Construction (2-1-0) 41

Island Real Estate (2-1-0) 33


Cloud Pest Control (1-2-0) 37

SynLawn (0-3-0) 27


Jan. 31

11- to 13-year-old league

Week 3


Pineapple Market Place (3-0-0) 48

Solid Rock Construction (2-1-0) 26



InternationalResilient Intuitive (1-2-0) 30

Chick-Fil-A (0-3-0) 19


Shady Lady (2-1-0) 26

Sandhoff Construction (1-2-0) 19


Storage Building Company (1-2-0) 27

Moss Builders (2-1-0) 21


Feb. 2

Adult flag football

Week 4


The Sandbar (1-3-0) 74

Ugly Grouper (0-4-0) 34


The Briley Mortgage Team (3-1-0) 28

Gulf Drive Café (1-3-0) 24


Luxury Services (4-0-0) 50

The Banks Home Lending Team (2-2-0) 32


Moss Builders (3-1-0) 28

Solid Rock Construction (2-2-0) 21