Beach market shakeup disturbing

I am appalled and disturbed that Manatee County abruptly ended – and without due cause or notice – Nancy Ambrose’s job running the Coquina Beach Market.

For over 10 years, she worked hard building up a business and helping many small artisans to sell their various items. As Commissioner Carol Whitmore said, Nancy Ambrose did this without any help from the county.
Now a greedy Manatee County official has taken it upon himself to steal away someone’s hard-earned business. This is wrong! There is no need required or requested for the Convention and Visitors Bureau to take this away!
I thank Nancy for her dedication and building up small businesses in the area. I detest county takeovers when it was selfish and unasked for and apparently for their profit. County Information Outreach Manager Bill Logan’s comment of “no further comment on the contract termination” shows no transparency in his views. It’s just wrong!

Natalie Thrasher
Bradenton, Holmes Beach, Anna Maria