Sarasota Bay Watch provides a vehicle for change

If you’re like me, you can’t help but be dismayed with the death and destruction of marine life that is occurring on the west and east coasts of Florida.

Pictures of dead fish, manatees, dolphin and even an immature whale shark can be so disheartening that one feels at a loss to be an agent of change. I’ve heard so many people express a feeling of helplessness and a desire to do something to address this tragedy.

Sarasota Bay Watch wants concerned citizens to know that they can provide a way for you to make a difference. Their stated mission is to create an awareness of our local waters that reflects the desire to have a hand in determining the future of this invaluable resource. Through Sarasota Bay Watch’s (SBW) many events, including island cleanups, scallop and clam restorations, education, caring for critical bird rookeries and underwater marine debris removal, community members can make a difference. None of this is possible without you.  While aesthetics is a big part of their mission, they also understand that a healthy bay provides jobs, attracts tourists, affects property values, commerce and is a critical basis of our economy. Helping keep the bay healthy, participating in and protecting it is an investment in our future and that of generations to come.

Reel Time
Donate and shop for some great gifts at Scallopalooza 2018 at the Sarasota Yacht Club.

Want to help? Here are ways you can make a difference and hy it is so important.

Support Sarasota Bay Watch’s scallop and clam restoration initiative by making a donation today. Shellfish naturally clean the water and are a food source for many other organisms.  To date SBW has planted over one hundred million scallop larvae and juveniles into bay waters. This summer they’re planting a quarter of a million clams in the bay waters with the help of volunteers of all ages. They’re also providing research opportunities and working with scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory and the Sarasota Estuary Program.

On Saturday, Sept. 22, Sarasota Bay Watch will be holding their major fundraising event Scallopalooza, It’s Clamtastic at the Sarasota Yacht Club. By buying a ticket, a table, donating to their silent/live auctions or writing a check you will be helping them to continue their invaluable work. Their motto sums it up, “A Healthy Bay is Everybody’s Business.”  Consider partnering with SBW by becoming a sponsor at any level. You can make a difference and be part of the solution. Contribute however you can, take part in the solution and educate yourself on the issues!