Sea turtle tagged, off to races

BRADENTON BEACH – Following in the flipper tracks of predecessors Amie and Eliza Ann, a female loggerhead sea turtle named “Bortie” was satellite tagged on Coquina Beach this morning and set free to “race” in the Tour de Turtles marathon.

Turtle release
Bortie, a loggerhead sea turtle, was detained after nesting Monday morning on Coquina Beach to be satellite tagged, released and tracked. – Cindy Lane | Sun

The project is a partnership of the Sea Turtle Conservancy, Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring, Waterline Marina Resort in Holmes Beach and Bortell’s Lounge in Anna Maria, for which she is named.

Bortie will compete in the Conservancy’s 11th Annual Tour de Turtles race beginning on Aug. 1. The event is part of an ongoing research project tracking satellite-tagged turtles to determine where and how far they migr

Turtle release
Bortie’s release drew a crowd to Coquina Beach on Tuesday morning. – Sande Caplin & Associates | Submitted

Amie, named for Anna Maria Island and sponsor Anna Maria Elementary School, finished the 2015 race in last place, in true turtle style; 84 little loggerheads hatched out of her nest while she was in the race.

Eliza Ann, named for sponsor Waterline Marina Resort’s restaurant, made the Island proud, taking first place in the 2017 race.

Follow Bortie’s progress beginning Aug. 1 in The Sun.