Memorial Day at Cortez Cultural Center

Cortez Memorial Day
Memorial Day at the Cortez Cultural Center featured hot dogs and fellowship. - Cindy Lane | Sun

The Cortez Cultural Center held an old-fashioned hot dog picnic on Memorial Day, with two veterans (top row from left), Bob Landry, who served in Vietnam, as grillmaster, and J.B. Crawford, who served in Korea.

Housed in the historic Monroe cottage, relocated in 2011 from Bradenton Beach to Cortez, the center features exhibits on Cortez veterans, musicians from the fishing village, family genealogies, captains and their boats, movies and books about Cortez, and more.

The center, 11655 Cortez Road W., is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. Parking is available at the center, the Florida Maritime Museum and the FISH Preserve. For more information, visit Facebook at Cortez Village Cultural Center, or call 941-705-4656.