A community of soccer on the Island

Center soccer clinic Beach Bums
During the six- to seven-year-old soccer clinic, sponsored by Beach Bums, young soccer players perform dribbling drills. - Monica Simpson | Sun

For years, the Island’s community center has met the many needs of the community. This community reaches far beyond the outline of the barrier island and it is strongly exemplified with the game of soccer.

With Island soccer, the feeling of being a part of a community is fulfilled. From the youth soccer league to the adult co-ed league, the field is occupied by players, friends and family who look forward to the weekly games and fellowship that goes along with the events.

The international game of soccer has proved to be a game for all ages at the community center. This season the players are as young as 3 years old and as seasoned as 78-year-old Lyn Clarke.

The love of the game and the community spirit is what keeps Clarke and other veteran players on the pitch every season.

This passion for soccer spills over to the youth soccer clinics lead by parent volunteers. Two of the coaches also play in the adult soccer league. These clinics not only allow for the adults to give back to the community, but also spend precious time with their own children.

Danny Anderson and Sean Flynn take one of the small fields, making it into the training ground for future players. The Flip Flop Shop sponsors the 3- to 5-year-old clinic, which allows the youngest to learn the simplest of soccer skills while still having fun and gaining a sense of accomplishment.

Center soccer Flip Flop Shop
The youngest soccer players listen to the coach’s instructions during the soccer clinic sponsored by The Flip Flop Shop. – Monica Simpson | Sun

The 6- to 7-year-old clinic, sponsored by Beach Bums, works on basic soccer skills and takes those skills to the field in scrimmage games.

These young players have goal scoring and fun games to look forward to as seen by the kids on the big field this week. While all of the individuals contribute to the team and outcome of each game, this week had some solid standouts – Riley Lawson, with three goals, and Kendall Rice, with three saves as keeper for Signarama. The team also had five saves by Beckham Factor on Saturday.
Team Progressive Cabinetry had three goal makers with five soccer balls in the net. Gregory Jordan lead his team with a hat trick. Ewen Cloutier and Lily Kawahata each had a goal of their own. Two saves by Liam Coleman helped the team finish the week with a win and a tie. Inheriting natural goalie instincts and talents, Evan Talucci had 10 big saves for Planet Stone this week. Nick Yatros and Aiden Templeton were given statistical credit for one goal each for their team.

Team Salty Printing was led by Jack Mattick within the net and Frankie Coleman followed with a single score. Jackson Pakbaz nailed three shots for points for Team Bins Be Clean. In their only game of the week, Victor Albrecht was noted to have five great saves giving Bins Be Clean a win.

The adults took the field Thursday night. In the first game of the night Ross Built Construction lost to Legler Flynn Law. Ryan Hogan and Chris Culhane scored for Ross Built. With two goals each, Diego Felipe and Chris LeClainche pushed past their opponent, topped with a score by Shay Coleman.

MAR/Kis Insurance won its first game of the season against Sato Real Estate. Manoj Poudel, Joel Sanchez and Tony Morales each had a goal for MAR/Kis Insurance. Eliza Fallace was the lone scorer for her team.

The 8 p.m. game put Moss Builders against Lancaster Design. Lancaster Design finished with single goals by brothers Danny Anderson and Ricky Anderson, as well as Sumiko Chipman. Robert Armstrong eluded the goalie twice. Jessica Williams scored the solo point for Moss Builders.

Slim’s Place won the last game of the night over Acqua Aveda with a hat trick by Rico Beissert and goal scoring shots by PJ Smargisso and Nate Welch. Jake Parsons had three goals of his own for Team Acqua Aveda, with a contributing score by Shea Yates.

With one week of regular season play, the youth soccer season comes to a close with the championship game on Wednesday, May 23 at 7 p.m.

The adults continue on the field through the month of June. The big winner will be named on Thursday, June 14 at 8 p.m.