Canine costume contest cute, cuddly

- Tom Vaught | Sun

Spirited dogs – and their owners – dressed to the teeth for the 14th Annual Anna Maria Island Sun Canine Halloween Costume Contest on Saturday, Oct. 28.

Twenty-five pooches entered the contest, ranging from a Wonder Woman costume to a lobster outfit that, from the side, looked like the lobster had swallowed the dog. There were wardrobe malfunctions including a chocolate Labrador dressed like a Hershey’s kiss, whose aluminum foil costume kept falling off. Another dog, an apparent Labrodoodle, didn’t like parading around for the judges and insisted on sitting down every five steps.

Anna Maria Oyster Bar owner John Horne, Anna Maria Mayor Dan Murphy and Anchor Inn owner Darla Tingler were the judges, and they had their hands full trying to separate the winners from the rest.