A job well done

Letter to the Editor

Bradenton Beach was minimally impacted by colossal Hurricane Irma, but our preparedness and follow-up was unmatched by any community in the state.

Lt. John Cosby, working the equivalent of a second job as Emergency Response Director for many years, spearheaded planning and execution of the city’s disaster response team.

Public Works Director Tom Woodard and his crew made all our roads passable by Monday, and they continue to perform clean-up operations.

Police Chief Sam Speciale personally greeted and directed returning residents at the Cortez Bridge on Monday at 3 p.m.

City Clerk Terri Sanclemente and the entire city hall staff were up and running on Tuesday morning.

Vice Mayor John Chappie visited the neighborhoods Monday and Tuesday, speaking with each and every citizen he could find to determine any problems or needs they had.

Commissioner Jake Spooner maintained contact with his constituents in Ward 1.

Thanks to each and every city employee and citizen who worked tirelessly to minimize the impact of the storm. It was a job well done.

Jack Clarke

Bradenton Beach