Talucci Construction building solid season

- Monica Simpson

Week four of the co-ed recreational flag football season passed the halfway mark last week. Three teams find themselves at the top of the ranking – all three undefeated with three wins under their belt. In a league where everyone makes the playoffs, the difference between a championship and the consolation prize can all come down to the rankings at the end of the season.

Team Mason Martin, that had the bye last week along with Beach House Real Estate, tops the charts. Team Talucci Construction finished the week in third position after confidently beating Team Beach Bums. Three games are left to determine the final ranking.

The stats sheet for the game of the week shows the diversity and breadth of talent on both of the teams that went head-to-head: Talucci Construction and Beach Bums. The total yards gained and the points put on the scoreboard made the difference in the game, as Beach Bums just could not finish offensive drives in the end zone.

Dominating on both sides of the football, Team Talucci Construction started the game on defense, sending a message to Beach Bums with an interception by Kevin Roman.

Ray Gardner, captain of Talucci Construction, confidently marched his team down the football field with a big first down play and touchdown by David Dunham and extra point by Dina Calvary to lead the game 7-0.

Three downs and out for Charles Buky’s Beach Bums, despite the efforts of Karri Stephens.  Roman’s key defensive play, batting down the pass past the mid-field line, ended Beach Bums possession with no score.

Dunham got the first down call only to be stopped by Lyn Puskas after a seven-yard gain.  Coming back strong, Dunham raced down the field for his second touchdown of the game.

After the snap, Gardner looked for his go to player, Calvary, but opted for the point after with the sure hands of Roman to advance the score to 14-0.

Trying to make something happen on offense, Buky hit Geoff Evans for a short gain.   Gardner’s pass rushing pressure was too much for Buky on second down, causing the incomplete pass.

Out of retirement, David Zaccagnino made the play of the half with the possession ending sack on third down for Talucci Construction.

On the other side of the football, Talucci Construction took four snaps of the football and put another seven points on the scoreboard with catches by Dunham and Jonathan DellaTorre. Gardner and Roman sealed the deal with the touchdown and extra point snags.

Behind by 21 points, Team Beach Bums found itself defending the football to start the second half of the game. With a new quarterback, DellaTorre, the rushing pressure of the defense was effecting, causing two incomplete passes.

Needing to make the first down or score, Gardner got the call and tried to work his magic with a long throw to Nate Talucci past the mid-field line. Talucci could not get his grip around the ball, giving Beach Bums another chance on offense.

Once again, Buky took his team toward the end zone with two complete passes to Stephens and a big first down throw to Evans, putting the ball at the Talucci Construction 10-yard line. With the big throw to Stephens in the corner and tight defensive pressure by Roman, Stephens made a phenomenal catch, but his feet just landed on the line.

Forcing a throw into the end zone, Buky looked to Stephens, but Dunham denied the score with another Talucci Construction interception, leaving 13 minutes on the clock.

With the never say quit attitude on the field, the Beach Bums defense made big stops to get the ball back, but just could not get the ball across the line to score on its next offense set of downs.

Gardner methodically moved his team down the field again, despite a negated reception by Calvary with the impeding the rusher call on Calvary after snapping the ball. DellaTorre’s big catch was met with the defensive force of Evans as they collide on the field.

Roman put up his next offensive statistic with another touchdown reception from Gardner, followed by the extra point by DellaTorre.

The 28-point deficit would not stop Buky. As the clock was running down, the solid QB hit the hands of Stephens for Beach Bums only score in the game with 15 seconds showing on the scoreboard to end the game 28-6.

On the leaderboard, Truly Nolen is still hoping to find its first W in the season. Plagued with injuries and playing with a limited roster, the team picked up veteran player Patrick Calvary.

Moss Builders, Beach Bums and Avis each have a single win. Movement at the top could happen before the end of the regular season.  It is still anyone’s season, anyone’s championship to win.

Sun Scoreboard

Thursday, Aug. 10

Adult Co-Ed Flag Football

#5 Moss Builders                      W (by forfeit) (1-3)

#6 Avis                                   (1-3)


#3 Talucci Construction           28 (3-0)

#4 Beach Bums                      6 (1-2)


#7 Truly Nolen                        0  (0-4)

#2 Beach House Real Estate    (3-0)